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Wesleyan singers shine at Martin Hall Performance

by Mallory Marks

The Wesleyan Singers and the Children’s Choir of Texas performed a four-part concert in Martin Hall on Thursday.

The first piece, “Poor Wayfaring Stranger,” was performed by the Wesleyan Men’s Chorus; Isis Litteken, a soprano and a junior music education major, conducted. Litteken also participated in the other performances as a singer.

“Overall it was a great performance; it was kind of nerve-wracking because I performed my conducting piece,” Litteken said. “That was scary, but it turned out great and it was wonderful having the little kids there and everything.”

The Wesleyan Women’s Chorus then performed their solo piece, “Waldesnacht,” followed by the Chamber Singers; both were conducted by Dr. Jerome M. Biershenck.

The Children’s Chorus of Texas, directed by Jackson Hill, then performed two pieces, “O magnum mysterium” and “My Hat, It Has Three Corners.”

Dusty Periman, mother of Geneva Periman, was excited to see her daughter perform with the Wesleyan Singers.

“Honestly, I have never seen my daughter with a full mixed choir and a full orchestra all at once and it was really moving,” Periman said.

The Children’s Chorus was followed by a five-song performance by the Wesleyan Singers, the Children’s Chorus, and solo singers Allison Whetsel Ward and Allen Michael Setford.

Celeste Marek, a senior soprano, performed with the Women’s Chorus and the Chamber Singers for the last time. Marek wrote in an email that it was an honor to sing the elegant piece “Mass of the Children” by John Rutter.

“Last night was a great performance,” Marek wrote. “Singing with a group of so many talented people makes it worth the late nights of studying and long rehearsals.”

Marek said the next Wesleyan Choir performance will be 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in Martin Hall. This performance will feature a community choir as well as several participating faculty members.


Dr. Jerome M. Biershenck introduces his choir and orchestra after a performance. Solo artists Allen Michael Setford and Allison Whetsel Ward (left to right in the center of the photo) stand for recognition. Photo by Mallory Marks

The Children’s Choir of Texas, directed by Jackson Hill, perform their solo set of songs Thursday in Martin Hall. Photo by Mallory Marks

Kayla Collier (left) and Isis Litteken pose for a photo after Thursday’s performance. Photo by Mallory Marks.


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