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Latin Night celebrates Hispanic culture

by Arely Chavez

Texas Wesleyan University’s Resident Assistants and Black Student Association, along with guidance from Bilingual Education Student Organization, joined together to create Latin Night on Tuesday evening.

BSA President Blen Hussain helped organize the evening,which was at the Stella Hall fire pit.

“At first we were a little stressed out,” Hussain said, “but I’m happy! I mean there’s so many people for a Monday night.”

Attendees at Latin Night started the evening enjoying cups of elote, which is corn served with mayonnaise, cheese, lemon and, if desired, Salsa Valentina hot sauce. People mingled and danced to reggaeton and Mexican music, including cumbias, norteñas, and the classic “Caballo Dorado.”

Afterwards, students enjoyed a quick game of loteria before finishing the night taking turns hitting a traditional Mexican piñata.

While enjoying a cup of elote, finance major Enkhpurev Onon said she came because she wanted to see what it was all about.

“There was a lot of flyers on campus so I thought I would check it out with my friend,” Onon said.

Student Government Association Vice President Karen Escobar-Duarte, who was present to show her support, said she was glad SGA was able to sponsor the event through their bill passed last week. The bill provided $267 for food and beverages.

“You know, gotta support events we sponsor,” Escobar-Duarte said. “We’re really enjoying it.”

Members of BSA and SGA and other students enjoy a cup of elote.
Photo by Arely Chavez

Students enjoy dancing to Mexican music during Latin Night.
Photo by Arely Chavez

Students enjoy playing loteria at Latin Night.
Photo by Arely Chavez

Business major Bastian Blumenberg gets ready to hit the pinata Monday night.
Photo by Arely Chavez



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