SGA holds legislation workshop


The Student Government Association discussed environmental issues and Dora’s menu, and participated in a legislation workshop on Thursday during the weekly meeting.

SGA President Tyler Mendez led the workshop and demonstrated how to properly write and present a bill to the SGA.

“We have never done anything like this in the past,” said Mendez. “I had a request from one of the members of SGA about how to write a bill, and thought a class would be a great idea.”

The SGA also reviewed a report about the Blue Plus Gold Equals Green program. The report said all the dorms on campus will receive a new toilet, and new faucets for the sinks and showers.

“The residence halls are the only buildings being used 24 hours a day,” said Dean of Students Dennis Hall. “That is going to make a big difference to our water savings.”

The amount of natural resources being saved annually by the program equals 11 Olympic-size swimming pools of fresh water, or 194,057 loads of laundry, according to Mendez.

“I’m excited about this program because I love the environment,” said Mendez. “They are installing special caps on the faucets, so when you turn it on all the way, excess water will not spray all over the place and waste water.”

SGA member Victoria Thornton presented a report about the dining services on campus. Thornton said there is no Web page through Texas Wesleyan that shows the current menu for Dora’s dining facility.

“If you would like to know the menu at Dora’s there is an app for that,” said Thornton. “It is called Campus Dish and it is important that you choose the white one, and then you can look at all the menu options for the whole week.”