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Q and A with soccer coaches, Tyler Powell and Josh Gibbs

Eder Falcon takes a corner kick during Texas Wesleyan’s second preseason game.

Tyler Powell 
How is the team chemistry this year including your new goalkeeper, Marko Jovanovic?

A: Well, Marko is a junior college transfer from Arizona Western College. And I think the team chemistry including him is well.

Q: In your opinion, how did off-season training go? Well enough to play a big factor in the upcoming season?

A: All of our players come from different areas of the world, different cultures, and different environments. It’s still a little too early to tell but I think we are in a good state right now.

Q: After seeing your team perform in the preseason game against Hill College what would you say is your greatest weakness at this point?

A: Something we definitely need to work on is scoring and that will come with time.

Q: Does the team have a greatest strength?

A: Still a little too early for that one. One thing I do know for sure is that we are a very strong team.

Q: How did the recruiting go in the off-season? Is there any rookie in particular we should look out for?

A: Recruiting went well. We’ve got some guys here that are really excited to play for this team. But you just never know who’s going to step up and who’s going to hide so we’ll see.

Q: Arturo Sanchez has moved on to play with the Fort Worth Vaqueros. How does that make you feel as a coach?

A: It makes me feel great. We all hope we can see him on TV someday. And we as a coaching staff want all of our players to have a chance to play after their collegiate careers but we focus on degrees first always.

Q: Has is it hurt your team at all?

A: Not at all. “Lose guys, bring guys” is something I always say. You either focus on what you lost or find some to replace them and give your team the best chance to win. We are very happy with Marko and the job he’s doing.

Q: Is there a team in the conference that is on your radar?  Someone who poses a potential threat?

A: Every team is on our radar. We are in one the hardest conferences in our country. Every team is going to be a challenge. It’s just a matter of how well we prepare and how well we execute.


Eder Falcon takes a corner kick during Texas Wesleyan's second preseason game.
Eder Falcon takes a corner kick during Texas Wesleyan’s second preseason game. Photo by Kasey Pace.

Josh Gibbs

Q: How is the team looking going into this season?

A: I couldn’t be more excited for this group. After seeing them practice and now play I’ve lost all doubt. Last year we graduated a class of eight. Our biggest group ever. They’re also the winningest class since we started. It’s awesome and we love it. We also understand it’s a lot to replace and difficult to get everyone on the same page and get used to playing together. The preseason was very nice and we have to give all the credit to the players.

Q: Nikki Lockwood checked up almost 90 saves and 11 shutouts last season in both regular and postseason respectively. How have you and your staff worked with Nikki in order to improve this already outstanding record?

A: We almost lost Nikki to another school three years ago. I was a goalkeeper here at Wesleyan when I played and I can see she has the characteristics of a fantastic goalkeeper. It’s only her third season and she’s creeping up at records already. She’s great to work with and her commitment our team and the work we do work is awesome. That’s what I love and it makes my job so much easier. She’s a joy to work with.

Q:  After seeing your team play in the preseason, are there any holes that must be fixed? Weakness in other words?

A: I don’t see a weakness. All my worries were pushed away after seeing them play together. If you watched them closely you couldn’t tell the difference between newcomers and returners and that’s just a testament to the team.

Q:  What have you seen to indicate your greatest strength?

A: My biggest fear is our greatest strength. Teamwork. We are going to have highs and lows and it’s only going to be tolerable if we stick together.

Q:  In 2010 you became the winningest coach in the history of this program with 55 wins. As of the end of last season you have almost doubled that number with 105 wins. What drives you to do more and make sure the team is always in the right form to win?

A: It’s honestly what we owe the players. I’m lucky enough to coach this great group of players and the organization is fantastic. I mean I ask them to bring it every day so why shouldn’t I? And yes it’s my 10th season at Wesleyan. I don’t really think of it too much I just really enjoy my players and the work we do.

Q:  Is there a team that you are looking out for? A team that can put up a good fight?

A: Each of the teams in our conference are extremely talented. But especially Oklahoma City. They have the coaching legend Brian Harvey. But that’s what I love about this conference! If you don’t show up ready to play you will get beaten. And I love the competition. Anyone can win any day.

Lauren Marquez regains her footing after performing a slide tackle against Hill College.
Lauren Marquez regains her footing after performing a slide tackle against Hill College. Photo by Kasey Pace.
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Q and A with soccer coaches, Tyler Powell and Josh Gibbs