Wesleyan safety improved


map of sercuity polls- final

As part of the 2020 Vision, stronger security measures have been made to increase safety on the Texas Wesleyan campus.

Ten new emergency phones will be placed on Wesleyan’s campus in order to increase student safety on campus.

The phones are nine feet tall and have a blue beaker that activates when a call is made.
When the call button is pushed, security will be contacted immediately.

Blake Bumbard, Wesleyan’s security manager, said that the phones are only the beginning.
“This is something that I had been wanting to get approved for some time now,” Bumbard said.
“It’s just we had other security measures that needed attention.”

Bumbard said that each residence hall will receive one, along with some around Rosedale and the Mall area.

“We are getting everything organized as of right now,” Bumbard said. “We can expect the phones to be finished around the end of November.”

Bumbard said that Wesleyan is planning to add three armed officers, more cameras and phones.
“We are underway with hiring an armed officer to have here on campus,” Bumbard said. “We are in the process right now, and with all the new implements Wesleyan has now and what we have planned, I think Wesleyan definitely can be safe.”

Vanessa Renteria, a freshmen finance major, said that she is looking forward to the telephones.
“I really like how accessible the phones will be when they are built,” Renteria said.” I’ll definitely feel a lot safer walking through campus at night or whenever I’m alone.”

Renteria said she has never felt unsafe on campus.

“Texas Wesleyan, in terms of security, does excellent,” Renteria said. “I always see security guards walking through the campus.”

Renteria said that although Wesleyan does its job, there are still improvements that she feels are needed.

“I would suggest having a security guard on duty right in front of the library at night, and at late night events, such as theater plays, to make sure everyone gets to their cars safe,” Renteria said.
Anthony Harper, a sophomore forensic accounting major, thinks the new phones are a great idea.

“I remember a student from last year suggesting that something similar be done,” Harper said. “So to hear about it actually being done is pretty cool.”

Harper said he believes that it will not only increase security and safety, but will also be convenient for students.

“Not everyone has the security’s number, so easy access to their direct line can be really useful,” said Harper.

Harper said Wesleyan is doing a great job.

“Their response to student safety has been outstanding,” Harper said. “Considering the additions of the gates surrounding the residence buildings and the change in security personnel, they have done a great job.”

Jeremy Hunt, a senior mass communication major, said in comparison to the old security staff, there’s not much difference.

“In my personal opinion, the security guards from previous semesters weren’t horrible,” said Hunt. “I just think that there were some minor setbacks that created confusion and frustration for the students in the past.”

Hunt said that all of the new security measures are surely something to be excited about.
“In the end, I believe Mr. Blake has always done a fine job with his team,” Hunt said. “I appreciate what they do here at Wesleyan.”

For now, students can reach security at 817-531-4911 for emergencies.