SGA to help fund International Week


Texas Wesleyan’s Student Government Association voted on Thursday to fund a portion of this month’s International Week.

SGA will use $1,200 for assistance with the tables for the Around the World food event, Borghee said.

“International Week is the third week in November and typically covers more than one event for the week,” said Dayon Harris, Student Life’s coordinator for multicultural programs.

This year’s International Week includes a reading event in the Eunice & James L. West Library on Nov. 18, the Around the World food festival on Nov. 19 and the International Game Day on Nov. 21, Harris said.

“Student Life will reach out to a lot of students around the campus to figure out who wants to participate and the money helps to provide the food aspect of the event,” Harris said.

A full schedule for International Week will be released soon, Harris said.

“Some students prefer to make the food, but also if they don’t want to make it themselves, Wesleyan can try to find a restaurant that will actually provide the type of food needed,” Harris said.

SGA Vice President Zahraa Saheb announced that the Travel Abroad Scholarship deadline has been extended until Nov. 14.

“We are currently working on advertising this,” Saheb said.

Saheb also said that some students are receiving tickets for parking near the Canafax Clock Tower.

“Students are not supposed to be parking over there because it is actually going to be designated for visitors,” Saheb said.

Borghee reminded SGA that a second listening session about Wesleyan possibly adding football and women’s lacrosse is scheduled for free period on Nov. 12.

“We really need some more student participation, but it was an overall productive meeting,” Borghee said.

She also noted that there would be an open carry forum on Nov. 3.

Borghee also said that SGA is looking into lowering the fees associated with transcripts, which are currently $7 for every paper transcript and $5 for every E-transcript.

“SGA would like to get this lowered or changed to benefit the students,” said Borghee.