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Stop the discrimination of Muslims


“We have a problem in this country. It’s called Muslims,” Donald Trump said recently.

Derogatory comments like this are, once again, sweeping across the nation and corrupting America’s fragile social system.   

Anti-Muslim rhetoric is being used more and more in today’s news, political campaigns and mainstream media.

This growing sentiment in our nation initially began in 2001 after the attack on the Twin Towers, causing an anti-Muslim backlash.

People of the Islamic faith are automatically associated with terrorism now.  

Moreover, people are using the media’s negative perception of Muslims in their daily lives, resulting in violence and oppression, including hate crimes and discrimination, in America.

This is partly due to the acts of terrorism in Paris last November. People are so panicked about this happening to them that they have become suspicious of all Muslims.

Have the people of this country completely forgotten what this nation was founded upon? America was founded on religious freedom.

And did we forget about the negative effects racism can cause a society? Did we forget about how hard people had to fight to live in a world without racism? If you need a reminder, check your calendar.  We celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day two weeks ago.

Yet Muslim Americans with no ties to the radical Islamic militants are being questioned, while others fleeing horrific living situations are being accused and judged due to their religion.  

People should be able to practice and announce their faith without the fear of persecution, exile and hatred.

Yet acts of violence toward Muslims are still occurring all around the nation.

Political candidates such as Trump are fueling the fire with words of hatred. And people are increasingly calling for closing our borders and screening and tracking all Muslims.

People are grouping all Muslims together as possible terrorists, thus associating them with ISIS and other radical groups. This is like assuming that all Texans are cowboys, or everyone who is a Republican is going to vote for Trump.   

The current concern for the security of the nation is understandable, but that is no reason to automatically assume and turn our back on others in need and oppress those with similar traits and faiths as the terrorists, when they are not.

In fact, Muslims apart from members of ISIS have completely different viewpoints, and those who are radical militants only represent a tiny portion of the Muslim population.  

You need to check your math, and quit stereotyping.

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Stop the discrimination of Muslims