SGA aids in student development


The Student Government Association voted Monday to send the upcoming Mortar Board National Honor Society president and a voting delegate to the 2016 Mortar Board National Conference.

According to the 2016 Mortar Board National Conference Bill presented by School of Business Administration Representative Anthony Guzman, the conference will take place from July 22-24 in Indianapolis.

“The conference offers many valuable workshops to further develop the Mortar Board’s ideals of scholarship, leadership and service,” Guzman said.

The SGA allocated $850 to send two students to the conference, which will cover registration costs and traveling expenses.

The Mortar Board will be providing funds to send two additional students to the conference, Guzman said.

“We want to send four students,” Guzman said. “Last year we only sent our current president, Lori King-Nelson, and it was hard for one person to attend everything.”

King-Nelson agreed that it would be helpful to send more than one student to the conference.

“There are usually four workshops going on at the same time, so you had to pick one,” King-Nelson said. “If you’re the only one there, you just have to pick the one that you think is most important, and when you’re incoming president, you have no idea.”

The SGA not only aided in the development of Mortar Board members, but psychology students as well.

The SGA allocated $400 to send three psychology students to the Association for Psychological Science Conference, which will be held in Chicago from May 25-29, according to the Association for Psychological Science Conference Bill sponsored by Representative Mouj Saheb.

“The APS annual conference is a remarkable opportunity that sponsors the development, education and communication between graduate students, undergraduate students and psychological researchers from around the nation,” Saheb said.

The student participants are expected to be responsible for their own expenses for attending the conference, according to the bill.

“We applied for McCann, and they gave us 75 percent of what we asked for,” Saheb said. “We’re just asking SGA to supplement the rest what McCann didn’t cover.”