What happened to Premium Pies?

Premium Pies, a once stationary pizza option between Zoca’s and Whichwich in the Martin University Center has been replaced by a new restaurant rotation series offering various cuisines throughout the semester. 

According to the txwesdining Instagram, the restaurant rotation series in Gina’s Café will feature four all-new restaurant concepts to Texas Wesleyan, including: 

  • Barbecue District (from Aug. 23 to Sept. 17) 
  • Chopsticks Modern Stir-Fry (Began Sept. 20) 
  • Try Our Southern Classics (date to be determined) 
  • Tavolino Fresh Italian Fare (date to be determined) 



Chopsticks Modern Stir-Fry was added as a new option to Gina’s Café as of Sept. 20.  Senior liberal arts major Ty Williams was in line looking at the new options and said that the barbeque that was there before was delicious and added that he did not know the options would continue to change. 

“That’s great,” Williams said. “It’s a good thing that we have a variety of choices. You know, [we’ve] got multiple choices. It’s not just one thing. It’s very good.” 

Musical theatre major Philippe Trejo said the barbeque during the last couple of weeks was pretty good and that a spicy sauce, offered at the time, was good when it was made fresh. 

“I think checking out the restaurants is good. For me, at least, we get to try new things and, you know, whatever sticks they could keep here,” Trejo said. 

Serenada Sanchez orders her food at Chopsticks Modern Stir-Fry on its opening day in Gina’s Café at the Martin Center.

Mass communication major Serenada Sanchez said she also did not know there would be more options as the semester continued but said she was excited to try the food. 

“The pizza place last year was really good. I didn’t try the barbecue place because I’m vegetarian, but I’m now trying the chopstick place because there’s tofu as a vegetarian option. More vegetarian options are always great,” Sanchez said. 

Aramark, Texas Wesleyan’s food service, was contacted for the story but did not respond to interview requests about the restaurant rotation program.