TxWes holds Silent Disco so students can destress


Bebhinn Tankard

Freshman students Khanh Ngan Phan (business administration), Hoang Ngan Vo (Spanish), Thi Ho (biochemistry), Linh Nguyen (business administration) and Chau Nguyen (mass communication) attend the Silent Disco event at the Martin Center.

Student Affairs hosted a silent disco on the second floor of the Martin University Center on Wednesday Feb. 16. At the silent disco, attendees wore headphones and could tune into a choice of three different playlists – pop, hip-hop or country.
Attendance was low on Wednesday because the disco was competing with other student organization events hosted at the same time. Also, there was a lack of visibility since it was facilitated inside and students didn’t notice it taking place. According to the organizers at Student Affairs, the same silent disco last semester, which took place out on the Kay Granger mall, had over fifty students who attended.
Those who did attend Wednesday were still enthusiastic because they could decompress from the day and the pressures of college life.
“[I’m here to] just vibe with no stress,” said Lisa Spells, a freshman majoring in exercise science. “I’ve been overloaded with so much work; it’s like deadline, deadline, deadline. It’s just wearing me out. So, it’s kind of nice to just have a break.”
Linh Nguyen, a freshman and business administration major attending with her group of friends, chose the pop station. She chose this because she was looking for “any song that makes me feel relaxed after a tiring day.”
For Emma Leigh, a computer science major in between her sophomore and junior year, country was the station of choice, even though she’s normally a classic rock fan. “My stepmom listens to a lot of country, so I’m used to it,” she said.
Before the pandemic, the disco was hosted by the PAC but Student Affairs revived the event Fall 2021.
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