Humans vs. zombies game to start next week

The first official meeting for the “Battle of the Residence Halls, Humans vs. Zombies” event was  held Monday night in Stella Russell Hall.

The game is being hosted by junior Rebecca Finley, who said that the game will last 11 days, starting Feb. 24 and ending March 5, and will be played on the Texas Wesleyan grounds.

The players will go after whoever is part of the opposing teams, Finley said, following the rules the players agreed on that were on a contract they all signed.

Player will have socks that they will have to touch other players with to turn them from human to zombie, Finley said. Some of the rules include not being able to skip class, nothing but your own book bag can be a shield from being turned, and no purposeful aiming for the face.

The dorm that has the most players still “human” on March 5 will be crowned the winner and receive a pizza party, Finley said.

All the dorms will be split up into four even teams, Finley said. All participants will have a colored armband, linking them to whichever team they are on. One player will be randomly selected as a “patient zero” to be the first zombie.

“Last year it was an unofficial event on campus, and everyone seemed to like it,” Finley said when asked why she chose to do this event this year.

R.A. Jordan Higgins was one of the students at this meeting. There will be a few meetings for the game in different residence halls on campus, including one Wednesday night in Elizabeth Hall and one Thursday night in O.C. Hall.

Since the event is open to everyone campus, naturally there would be some returners from last year. R.A. Jacob Williams is one of those returners.

This year he will not be participant in the game, yet he still wanted to help in other ways.

“I played in 2019, and it was a lot of fun, but I am really busy this semester,” Williams said. “So, I decided to help with the program, making sure everyone’s having fun and playing fair.”

A few other people came to the meeting as well, on being freshman Jackson Wagner.

“My friends made me, so I thought I might as well have fun with my friends,” Wagner said.