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Diversity is Wesleyan

With all the racial tension in America right now, one thing remains the same; Diversity is the heart of Texas Wesleyan.

A wise man once said, “We need to help students and parents cherish and preserve the ethnic and cultural diversity that nourishes and strengthens this community—and this nation.” These were the words of the great Cesar Chavez, and they relate to today’s problems in our society.

One thing that has kept Texas Wesleyan’s community close and strong is our ability to accept people for their differences. Students and staff at Texas Wesleyan realize the importance of diversity and relationships. We must look at people for who they are and not by their race.

Texas Wesleyan has done a great job of providing students with a safe environment to learn and has supporting diversity for years. Not only does Texas Wesleyan support black history month with events and guest speakers, but they have also hosted events for Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Latinx history month.

When I say diversity is Wesleyan, I mean it. After the killing of George Floyd, there has been a lot of divide and tension between everyone, but we as a community is stronger than divide and tension.

I understand the rioting and why rioting began in the first place. Peaceful acts of protesting have not shown the results of change. People that believe in equality want to take a stand but rioting only adds gasoline to a wildfire.

During hard times like this, the Texas Wesleyan community should use their voice to spread love and diversity across America. Do not burn down a small business, burn down the idea of racism with your voices.

One by one, our community can rise above hatred and teach future generations that rioting won’t solve racism. Diversity is Texas Wesleyan, and with all faculty and staff coming together, we can spread our positivity until diversity is the United States of America.

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Diversity is Wesleyan