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Chalon Anderson returns to TxWes as assistant sports information director

Alumna Chalon Anderson returns to Texas Wesleyan as a member of staff. Photo courtesy Chalon Anderson

Chalon Anderson, a Texas Wesleyan alumna, returns to be a part of Texas Wesleyan staff.  Anderson now works as the assistant sports information director.  

Anderson’s journey began as a student-athlete, where she tackled the rigors of academic life while balancing a sport. As a Mass Communication major, Anderson’s time at Texas Wesleyan was marked by her commitment to learning. Dr. Colley, who served as Anderson’s professor and adviser, recalled her as a standout student. 

“Chalon came prepared. She was always very expressive in her academics, much like she was on the court when she played volleyball,” Colley said, highlighting Anderson’s versatility and passion for both academics and sports. 

After graduating from Texas Wesleyan University in 2018 with a degree in mass communication, Anderson faced a period of uncertainty and adversity. As is often the case for many recent graduates, the job market proved to be a challenging landscape to navigate, particularly in her chosen field. 

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic further complicated Anderson’s journey. The sports industry, like many others, came to a standstill, making it even more difficult for a recent graduate to secure a foothold in her desired career. 

“Covid kind of slowed things down for everyone. I kind of had to sit back and think. Did I just waste like four years of my life on a major that I’m not going to do? I was working a job I didn’t like. I woke up every day hating everything,” Anderson said. 

During this period of reflection, Anderson made a pivotal decision—a decision that would become her turning point. She chose to invest in herself and her passion for sports communication by pursuing a master’s degree in the field. 

“I decided that I was going to go get my master’s in sports communication while everything was kind of slowing down. I graduated within a year and a half. I took the most hours I could take just to have it. And as soon as I got that master’s, I just felt relief because it felt like I was moving in the right direction.” Anderson said. 

While Anderson’s career path continued to ascend, her connection to Texas Wesleyan remained steadfast. Colley, who had witnessed Anderson’s growth and success, saw an opportunity to bring her back to the university in a new way. 

When the position of assistant sports information director opened at Texas Wesleyan, Dr. Colley reached out to Anderson with an offer to return. Her decision was not just based on Anderson’s expertise but on her belief in Anderson’s potential to make an impact. 

“She is a no-nonsense type of person, so she’s not going to in any way tell people something that she doesn’t believe; she’s gonna get right to it; she’s gonna work hard. I knew all of those things would make her a great fit and really help to move the needle,” Colley said. 

Others saw what Colley meant. James McBride, the sports information director and Anderson’s boss was happy to have Anderson on his team, “Adding Chalon to the sports information team is like adding a new color to the palette of possibilities. She brings fresh perspectives, specialized knowledge, and a contagious passion for the game, enriching the team’s canvas of success with a broader spectrum of skills, ideas and opportunities,” he said.  

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