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Naked But Real features student performances

by Davonte Mitchell-Dixon

Students showed their talents Monday at the Naked But Real open mic night.

Alycia Lee, a sophomore Criminal Justice major, attended the event for the first time. The show was held at the Baker Building; around 20 people attended.

“This was very interesting,” Lee said. “The songs and poems that were performed felt so authentic to me.”

Lee plans on coming to Naked But Real next semester.

“I didn’t know this happened every semester but now that I know, I will most definitely be coming back to open mic night for the fall,” she said. “I may perform next semester; you never know.”

Devyn Teague, a junior general business major, attended the event to support a friend.

“It was my first time going to open mic night and it wasn’t what I expected but it was very cool,” Teague said. “I would like to go back next semester. Open mic night is a safe and supportive environment, and anyone is welcome to share and that’s something I love about it.”

Akeel Johnson, a graduating senior mass communications major and event co-host, wants people to understand Naked But Real.

“Open mic night is basically where people are able to come out and get in front of a supportive group and able to show their poems or songs,” Johnson said. “Basically, any art form, they’re able to express it at open mic night.”

Johnson has co-hosted the event for three years, and said he took over after Jeremy Hunt graduated. Hunt was at the event.

“I’ve kept it going since then,” Johnson said.

He doesn’t know who will be taking over the event when he graduates.

“I’ve put in recommendations for who I’d like to take over when I graduate, but I don’t know who it’ll be,” he said.

Open Mic Night co-hosts Nikita Dhoubhadel and Akeel Johnson prepare the crowd for the Naked But Real open mic night on Monday.
Photo by Davonte Mitchell-Dixon.

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