Retiring Faculty

Retiring Faculty

The six professors you see below are the ones who will be leaving Texas Wesleyan this year. Their service to the students over the years and the relationships they have built with their co workers will not be forgotten.

To the professors we say thank you for everything you have done.


David Thurston

Associate Library Science

Years served (1977-2015)


Dr. Steven Yuan


Natural Social Sciences

Years served (1982-2015)


Dr. Sandra Hart


Business Professor

Years served (1985-2015)


Dr. Ben Hale

Dept. Mass Communications

Years served (1982-2015)


Cindy Potter

West Library Director, Professor of Library Science


Years Served- (1988-2015)

Brynn Bristol

(Photo Unavailable)

Dept. Theatre Arts, Designer.

Years Served (2000-2015)