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What your dog can do for you

Jax, Copper, and Fezz are the authors three best friends.

Dogs truly are man’s best friend, which is why they improve every aspect of our lives and make our lives better.

Whether it’s going for a walk, driving down the road, sitting on the couch or going to bed, dogs always want to be right by their human’s side, every second of the day. This unique bond between man and dog delivers great rewards that are often overlooked and unknown.

Canines really do make life better for humans. In fact it is scientifically proven that dogs help humans physiologically, physically, psychologically and socially, increasing longevity and overall health.

A 2009 study by Miho Nagasawa of Azabu University in Japan found that one’s level of oxytocin (the neurohormone that elicits feelings of happiness) increased significantly after interacting with their dogs, according to an article by the

Your canine friend can reduce stress, lower blood pressure and prevent you from eating things you are allergic to, according to an online article on They can even detect cancer and help people with autism.

According to an article at, researchers found that pet owners had lower levels of blood pressure and cholesterol than people who don’t own pets, even when both groups had the same poor life styles involving smoking and high-fat diets.

Dogs help you stay active because they will always get you up and moving, encouraging you to engage in physical activity such as walking and running. Dog owners have a 24/7 personal workout buddy.

Another reason the dog and human bond is so amazing and beneficial to human life is the psychological and social benefits.

 A dog is always there for you no matter what and they will never judge you. They do not care about how much money you make, what kind of car you drive or what you look like, which is a great relief from such a superficial society driven by capitalism and materialistic fascinations.

According to the article, people are often diagnosed with depression and anxiety, leaving them feeling lonely and sad. This risk increases in old age, which is why pets are great for people of all ages, particularly for the elderly.

“Research looked at 60 years of age and older, who were not living with human companions, but were living with a pet. The likelihood that the non-pet owners would end up being diagnosed as clinically depressed was four times higher than that found in the pet owning people of the same age,” according to the article. “There was also evidence that the pet owners required fewer medical services and were much more satisfied with their lives.”

Did you know that dogs are the only animals on the entire planet that will look you in the eye? This is what separates them from wolves. Dogs look you in the eye to show how much they love you.  

My three dogs, Jax, Fezz and Copper, have changed my life in so many ways. They have made me a better person, helped me become more responsible and taught me patience and how to love. They make my life better because they give me something to look forward to when I come home, and it feels good to take care of something other than yourself.

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What your dog can do for you