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Dora Roberts Dining Hall reopens

by Ryan Grounds

Texas Wesleyan University’s Dora Roberts Dining Hall reopened Sunday afternoon to staff, faculty, and students.

“It’s a nicer environment and we get to use plates,” said Steven Anderson, sophomore accounting major, Monday at lunch.

Dora’s now features a central self-serve station for sandwiches, salads and pasta and then a stir fry station for Mongolian cuisine.

“It is our first time eating here but it is nice to have a designated area for the stir-fry and everything else,” said Nikolaj Brons-Piche 20, a junior accounting major, on Monday. “I mean the food is the same but at least it is a different environment.”

The food is still being provided by Airmark Food services. Two drink stations line both sides of the hall with swerving columns parting the dinning area in half.

“It’s laid out nicer and has an easier flow and just looks nicer,” said Amy Easy, senior marketing management major.

One of then more modern updates is electrical outlets at bar stool high-top tables where students can charge their phones and computers while they eat.

Dora’s opening marks the completion of a $1.7 million renovation that began during the spring 2014 semester, said Ann Davis, strategic communications manager.

The inside of Dora’s was completely redesigned with a new open floor plan and has several new cooking stations including an omelet station and a sauté station.

Brian Franks, executive director of facilities and operations, said Dora’s would be open by January in the Oct. 22, 2014 edition of The Rambler. The original goal of October was changed after unforeseen foundation issues arose during the demolition process.

The Grille Works space at the Sid Richardson Center will feature new deli options, while continuing its traditional burger-and-fries grill offerings, according to the university web site.

The prices have not changed from the previous semester. Hours of operation, prices, and meal plans can be found at https://txwes.edu/campus-life/dining-hall/

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