The new parking lot under the Canafax Clock Tower will be all visitor parking, said Security Manager Blake Bumbard.

“We know the lot is in a very central part of the campus so as of now we aren’t giving tickets to anyone who parks there, but when the signs are put up later, tickets will be handed out to non-visitors,” Bumbard said.

The parking lot was part of the original design for the land allotted to the clock tower, and the lot opened Oct. 23, the Friday after the Rosedale Renaissance Dedication Ceremony, Bumbard said.

“The lot will mainly be for the student union building, which is in the planning phase right now,” Bumbard said. “The building will be around the mall area located close to the clock tower and parking lot.”

The lot is comprised of 25 visitor parking spaces with an additional two handicapped spaces, Bumbard said.

Alex Wehling, a sophomore exercise science major, thinks the lot should be student parking.

“A lot of students want to park right next to class instead of around the perimeter of campus,” Wehling said. “I live on campus but I know students who commute and they park in that lot right now so they can get to class quickly if they are running a little late.”

Trevor Baxter, a senior criminal justice major, thinks if the parking lot is student restrictive that would be unnecessary.

“Some of my friends have to park along the side of the street because there is not enough parking around their classes,” Baxter said. “It would be nice if the lot could be for everyone so some lucky students could park near their classes.”

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Jared Rabye

Jared Rabye

Jared Rabye is a sophomore at Texas Wesleyan University majoring in mass communication with a focus in journalism. He is a member of the Rambler news team as a content producer. He joined the Rambler this fall.
Some of his interests include sports, watching television and making the best out of every day.
Here’s a fun fact about Jared: He was in the Navy for four years before attending TWU and he has many gray hairs to show for it. So if you're walking around the office and see the young looking gentleman with a little frost on top it's probably Jared.

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