Texas Wesleyan’s 2017 homecoming was seven points from being perfection.

By Saturday afternoon, the women’s basketball team had won their game against the University of Science and Arts Drovers 83-58, securing head coach Bill Franey’s 100th win at Wesleyan, according to ramsports.net.

The crowd’s spirit was high and the men’s team was winning 41-39 at the half. Everything was going according to plan until the second half.

“I swear we (the Rams) were playing with heart,” said sophomore music major and Ram Squad member Dexter Collins, “and they (the Drovers) were playing with tricks.”

Collins and Ram Squad president, sophomore computer science major Cameron Bennett, agreed that the Drovers used the penalties to their advantage to win 86-80 in overtime.

But even without the double win, Bennett and Collins said they felt homecoming was a success.

“We got one win tonight and I still count the men’s game as a win for us because we’re a better team,” Bennett said. “It’s my bias but it’s technically true.”

Bennett, Collins, and other Ram Squad members led the spirit in the stands.

“You could feel the passion in their (the crowd’s) voices when everybody got up and Ram Squad was shouting out trying to get people involved,” Bennett said. “It (the school spirit) was pretty good. As you can see I have stuff on my face (blue and gold paint) so I’m feeling the spirit and school pride.”

Collins’ favorite part of the night was seeing how many people showed up to support the basketball team and chanting with everybody.

“It was fun having people shout ‘You’re a weenie’ or just calling out to the players,” Collins said. “That’s actually the funnest part of the game.”

Bennett said Ram Squad had a good turnout but they weren’t the only group encouraging school spirit at the games.

Sophomore criminal justice major and cheerleader Zach Lanham also enjoyed seeing the stands packed with alumni, teachers, and students.

“Coming from a cheerleader’s perspective,” Lanham said, “having people to chant to and chant along with is really nice.”

Lanham was happy to support the team at homecoming. However, due to a competition, not all of the cheerleaders were present. For some cheerleaders, this was their first time seeing homecoming.

“I wish I was at competition, but I am excited that I’m still here able to cheer,” Lanham said. “It’s nice to be at a homecoming and be able to cheer and participate in the school’s big, deep traditions.”

Lanham’s also excited for the new homecoming traditions starting this fall when football returns to Wesleyan.

“I’m also excited for what new homecomings we’re going to having with the football team,” Lanham said. “I’m just kind of excited to see how that plays out and I’m looking forward to it.”

The women’s basketball team breaks out after their 83-58 Saturday win against the Drovers. Photo by Hannah Onder


Sophomore music major Dexter Collins claps for the men’s basketball team. Photo by Hannah Onder

Sophomore computer science major Cameron Bennett leads a defense chant during the women’s basketball game. Photo by Hannah Onder

Sophomore exercise science major Falesha Fuller takes a shot at the homecoming game. Photo by Hannah Onder

Sophomore criminal justice major Zach Lanham cheers during the women’s homecoming basketball game. Photo by Hannah

Junior business management major Anthony Harper II and other Ram Squad members watch the women’s basketball game. Photo by Hannah Onder

Junior mass communication major Jeremy Crane plays in the homecoming basketball game against the University of Science and Arts. Photo by Hannah Onder

Ram Squad members cheer during the men’s basketball game against the Drovers. Photo by Hannah Onder

The dance team performs during the break in the men’s basketball game. Photo by Hannah Onder

The crowd puts their ‘Rams up’ during the men’s basketball game during overtime. Photo by Hannah Onder



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