President Frederick Slabach opened the last 2020 Town Hall Meeting of the semester on Tuesday afternoon.

Slabach said the meeting would be the last Town Hall meeting would be the last to be held in the Baker Building.

“We are planning on starting up (2020 Town Hall Meetings) again in September in the new Martin University Center,” Slabach said.

The meeting featured Gary Stout, the new associate vice president of Student Affairs, who talked about the results of a first destination survey done by 138 of the 491 Wesleyan fall 2017 graduates.

“What it’s saying and gives us the ability to tell people is that we are doing really well with the placement of students in jobs and graduate school opportunities after they graduate,” Stout said. “Overwhelming major of our students are quickly getting on to the next step after graduation.”

Stout said that, while Wesleyan is above average in graduates employed after college compared to other universities of its size and on par for the number of graduates in graduate school compared to other universities of its size, the university could improve on internship opportunities.

“Nationally 60% of students have internships, but I don’t think we’re at 60%,” Stout said. “That’s something next year we want to try to establishing more internship opportunities. I think that is something we need to focus more on.”

Slabach then announced the staff hero award, but instead of a plaque and a gift card to Subway, he awarded a gift card to Ben’s Triple B: Biscuits, Burgers, and Brews. The award was given to Barbara Barnhart, the assistant director of Student Activities, who was selected by Dr. Dennis Hall, the vice president of Student Affairs.

Wesleyan President Frederick Slabach read that Dr. Dennis Hall Hall said, “(Barnhart is) a real boots on the ground staff member who consistently performs and is always looking for ways to engage with our students.”

2020 Town Hall Meetings will resume in the fall 2019 semester.

Ann Davis talks with President Frederick Slabach before Tuesday’s Town Hall meeting starts.
Photo by Hannah Onder

Associate Vice President of Student Affairs Gary Stout talks about Wesleyan graduate survey results.
Photo by Hannah Onder

Faculty and staff were served biscuits from Ben’s Triple B: Biscuits, Burgers, and Brews at Tuesday’s Town Hall meeting.
Photo by Hannah Onder

President Frederick Slabach awards Barbara Barnhart the Staff Hero Award during the meeting. 
Photo by Hannah Onder

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