29 Nov 2012

More in-depth health checks could save lives

You take a deep breath while the doctor holds a stethoscope to your chest. Everything sounds fine, so you go on with your physical, and you are cleared to play. Student Athletes have to get a physical done by a licensed doctor, and pass it in order to play college

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17 Sep 2012

TV theme songs: What is television without them?

We’ve all been in this situation; you’re trying to describe your favorite television show to a family member or friend who just doesn’t remember it. As a last resort, you begin to sing the theme song to jog their memory and after the first few lines they do, “Oh yeah,

18 Jan 2012

Gift giving gets complicated

Gift giving gets complicated By; Shauna Banks Stuffed lions, and tigers, and bears — oh my! Like your mom always told you when you got clothes for gifts as child, it really is the thought that counts when giving and receiving gifts for any holiday. With Valentine’s Day really not so far