28 Feb 2016

Should Texas legalize marijuana?

Should marijuana be legal in Texas? It has been a blazing topic lighting up controversy and sparking up a debate, so to speak. Many people believe that it should be. Twenty-three states have legalized marijuana in at least medicinal form, but Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska are the only states

03 Oct 2014

Fighting to legalizing marijuana in Texas

Dallas/ Fort Worth residents rally to change marijuana laws in Texas. The group is called DFW NORML and they are calling for Texas legislator to make marijuana legal. NORML stands for the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws and the organization has grown nationally since it was created in 1975.

24 Sep 2014

Will medical marijuana come to Texas?

Marijuana law reform is sweeping the nation and causing heavy debate throughout Texas. The debate is coming from local and state political groups, politicians and others who have opposing opinions about legalizing marijuana in Texas. On one side is The National Organization to Reform Marijuana laws, or NORML They support

27 Feb 2014

Legal marijuana in the U.S.

For decades government officials have told the people of the United States that marijuana is a dangerous drug. They have treated weed the same thing as cocaine and heroin for years, but it’s not the same. President Richard Nixon preached about the dangers of marijuana. “The Nixon White House tapes

18 Nov 2013

Legalization of marijuana in Texas may be forthcoming

Marijuana is a scheduled class one narcotic by the State of Texas and the United States government, but I think it is not a dangerous drug at all, but a medication that is used by many different people for many different reasons. I have met Iraqi war vets that receive