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SGA to focus on deregistration, recycling

Texas Wesleyan’s Student Government Association will make deregistration a priority this semester, President Alyssa Hutchinson said Friday at the semester’s first general business meeting.

“I plan on going to the president and saying ‘Hey, we need a contingency plan,’” Hutchinson said.

Last year Financial Aid spoke at an SGA meeting, Hutchinson said, and explained the changes with students getting deregistered from classes if their tuition was not paid before the semester started.

Hutchinson said many people who had scholarships within Wesleyan who were put on hold were deregistered and it wasn’t their fault. She was deregistered as well.

“I plan on pulling students for their stories,” Hutchinson said. “We lost a lot of students from all of this mess that has been happening over the summer.”

SGA Treasurer Anahita Keer said she was also deregistered.

“I flew into the country and I was deregistered,” Keer said. “That is important because I could get deported because of that.”

Keer said she has long email threads that she sent to at least seven Wesleyan employees “who had the authority to do something and no responses when I went to the offices.”

“They kept redirecting me from one department to the other,” she said. “It was a huge mess.”

Hutchinson said another goal for the semester is to push recycling more at Wesleyan.

“It doesn’t happen right now, so we want to get that fixed,” Hutchinson said.

SGA will also be working toward having an EarthFest in April, she said.

“We want to do something that involves the community,” she said. “A lot of colleges like TCU have something that like, where all the students go off campus and maybe clean up something one day, like a whole couple of neighborhoods and streets.”

EarthFest would be an updated version of a Prairie Fest that was held at Fort Worth’s Tandy Hills Natural Area years ago, she said.

“At Prairie Fest, they had like games, they had wildflower tours, they had a bunch of music, they had Rahr and Sons, wine companies, they had food,” she said. “It was a whole big thing and they raised lots of money. I have heard like, $5,500, $10,00 from these events. I would like Wesleyan to take that and revamp it.”

Hutchinson also wants to work on Mr. and Mrs. Wesleyan, which she hopes to form a committee for.

“We already have homecoming king and queen for a popularity contest,” she said. “I feel like if you are going to be Mr. and Mrs. Wesleyan you need to be representing Wesleyan so you need more qualifications than just being a Wesleyan student.”

Hutchinson also hopes to add hammocks on campus and to change the sprinklers in West Village.

“I don’t know if any of you have tried to walk through West Village and gotten a free shower,” she said. “It has happened every year that I have been here, and I am a junior. So, that is something that I personally want to fix.”

Eight people were inducted into SGA during the Friday meeting. These include Mason Standish as senior representative; Taylor Peyton as head representative; Gregory Blaser as freshman representative; Blen Hussain as Elizabeth and O.C. Hall representative; Madison Baker and Jessica Flores as associate justices; Connor Parish as business representative; and Lynzie Moore as athletic representative.

Moore, a history senior and member of the women’s soccer team, said she is excited and thinks SGA is a good opportunity and a great way to represent athletes at Wesleyan.

“We do make up a good majority of the population so just to get their voices out there a little bit for more scholarships or better equipment or better field facilities, that is just what I am trying to do this year,” Moore said.

Parish, a senior finance and management major, said he knows many people in the business school who are starting new organizations. He will network with them and voice their opinions. One of his goals for the semester is funding.

“Funding for all the new clubs coming up,” he said. “Everybody is trying to get more recognition in the School of Business and basically create some more workshops and stuff like that for business students to get an edge on other students at other schools for jobs.”

SGA also has a new budget adviser, Chelsea Sepolio, who is Wesleyan’s assistant dean of students.

“I think it is a wonderful time to be a part of SGA,” she said. “I think also from the student perspective it is also a good time to be heard and to speak up and use your voice.”

Hutchinson said she wants this to be a good year for SGA.

“I hope everyone is motivated and has their own things that they want to do for their constituents and SGA,” she said.

SGA’s general business meetings are held every Friday at 2 p.m. in the SGA Chambers located in the Sid Richardson building.

SGA President Alyssa Hutchinson speaks at the first SGA meeting of the semester.
Photo by Hannah Lathen
SGA Treasurer Anahita Keer is sworn in during Friday’s meeting.
Photo by Hannah Lathen


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  • P

    Pamela ParraAug 28, 2018 at 11:58 pm

    Enjoyed reading this! Who should I contact about helping out or assissting the earthday event? I am interested in that!

    Thank you!

    • T

      theramblertwuSep 4, 2018 at 8:49 am

      Thanks for the question. If you’re looking to doing an event on campus, I’d contact Student Life. Barbara Barnhart should be able to point you in the right direction with getting it approved and assisting with student volunteers. If you’re looking for funding, I’d get in contact with Student Government Association, who meet every Friday at 2 p.m. in Sid Richardson.

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SGA to focus on deregistration, recycling