Student organizations illustrate positivity in Entrepreneurship Club event

Student organizations illustrate positivity in Entrepreneurship Club event
Senior general business major Devyn Teague hosts the “Spreading Positivity” sidewalk chalk event. Photo by Hannah Onder

Student organizations came together Thursday afternoon to create a walk of positivity on the sidewalk in front of the Eunice and James L. West Library. 

Senior general business major Devyn Teague from the Entrepreneurship Club hosted the “Spreading Positivity” sidewalk chalk event and invited students to represent their organization by creating positive messages and drawings. 

“I wanted to bring together the organizations and the people on campus to do something good because it’s been kind of a rough semester,” Teague said. “I also wanted to do something outside because of COVID-19 and do something fun, so (I came up with) chalk art.” 

Teague spread students out across the sidewalk and provided wipes to participants to keep within the university regulations. 

“Now that everything has been online, I haven’t been on campus much for this semester,” said Yurian Zavala, a junior exercise science major and Lambda Theta Alpha member. “It was nice to take a break from staying home and sitting in front of my laptop.” 

Junior exercise science major Yurian Zavala shows her in-progress artwork. “I choose to do the principles of Lambda Theta Alpha which are unity, love, and respect,” Zavala said. “We decided to go with the palm and the crescent moon since those are our symbols.” Photo by Hannah Onder

Freshman psychology and history major Jaylon Leonard also enjoyed coming to the event and said other students should take a break and have fun at events, especially in times of negativity in the world. 

“It’s (the event is) so fun,” Student Government Association’s Freshman Representative Leonard said. “We’re all enjoying ourselves, spreading creativity, love, and positivity. We’re showing everybody that we care and are staying together as a university.” 

Freshman psychology and history major Jaylon Leonard poses with his finished artwork. “It took a little google searching,” Leonard said, “but I was able to figure something out that will really uplift some people’s spirits when they see it.” Photo by Hannah Onder

Teague thought the event was a success and enjoyed seeing what designs organizations came up with. 

“I love seeing all the different messages and the different organizations coming together to do something for the campus,” Teague said. “I really appreciate the organizations doing this. It’s really awesome.”

Story by Hannah Onder