Academic Success Center hosts open house


The Academic Success Center (ASC) hosted an open house from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Tuesday, September 14. ASC is located on the first floor of the library where it offers free tutoring services, informational workshops and study materials.  

ASC is a place where students can get free tutoring. It offers face-to-face tutoring as of August 30, as well as virtual appointments. 

“ASC typically does an open house every semester. They felt it was really important to do one this semester since they are back in the library and classes are back face-to-face,” said Director of Academic Advising and Student Success Operations Kelly Anderson. The last time that ASC held an open house was 2 years ago.  

Students attending the open house guessed the number of cheeseballs in a jar.

The open house had free snacks and contests for students to win t-shirts. Some contests included guessing how many cheeseballs were in a jar, giving the ASC a workshop idea and making a tutoring appointment.  

Freshman Jelissa Spells, an exercise science major, found out about the open house through her friend. Spells said, “It’s a cool hangout spot, instead of my usual spot.” Spells usually hangs out in her room or the Martin Center.  

ASC tutor Ross Loth is ready to help other students with their tutoring needs.

Students here at Wesleyan can become tutors like Ross Loth, a sophomore and business finance major. He said he finds it easy to tutor people. “I grasp the content well that I am tutoring,” he said. 

To set up tutoring session visit: