Free Flu vaccine clinic closes to students on Oct. 19


Left to right: Chelsea Sepolio, Anice Lewis-Hollins and Jesse Pyle pose at the goodie bag table at the flu shot event.

On Monday, Oct. 18, Lindsay Trammell sent out a reminder that Tuesday would be the last day for students to receive their free flu vaccine at the Martin Center.

Director of Health Services, Anice Lewis-Hollins and Director for Title IX and ADA Compliance, Chelsea Sepolio were hosting the first portion of the event on Thursday Oct. 14. Lewis-Hollins said it is safe for students to receive the Flu vaccine if they have already received the COVID-19 vaccine. She highly suggested that students need to get both.

“These are two different viruses. I think where the confusion is coming in, because not just students, but people think that they’re there for the same thing. There are changes and mutations every year, that’s why you have to get [the Flu vaccine] once a year,” Lewis-Hollins said. “The COVID vaccine is probably, hopefully, once in a lifetime, we don’t know yet.”

Sepolio said she and Lewis-Hollins held the event to help students get their flu shots and if students couldn’t make it to their temporary clinic, they could reach Lewis-Hollins to schedule an appointment and get the flu shot.

“So, we’ve advertised on social media, we’ve used the TVs in the Martin University Center [downstairs], and we’ve used Ram Space as well, to advertise to students,” Sepolio said.