Theatre Wesleyan presents “Wonder of the World”

Theatre Wesleyan presents “Wonder of the World.”
Theatre Wesleyan presents “Wonder of the World.”

Theatre Wesleyan is hosting a production of “Wonder of the World” by playwright David Lindsay-Abaire. Opening night was November 10 and the show will continue through November 19.  

This story of love, lies and laughter is brilliantly portrayed by this cast. No one can ever quite tell what might happen next in this hilarious tragicomedy. Unlikely paths cross and scandalous secrets are revealed all on Cass’s journey for self-discovery.  

Attendees must note that the play contains explicit themes, depictions of mental health issues, adult humor and gunfire sound effects.  

This rendition, directed by Jacob Rivera-Sanchez, makes great use of space, props and lighting. The set changes were very well-choreographed and executed.  

Gianina Lambert’s ability to pull off the absurd role of a suicidal alcoholic so effortlessly must be applauded. Her nuanced approach to the role shows maturity and skill.  

Another mention must be made for Sharon Fron taking on several roles and executing them all so wonderfully. Her changing accents and mannerisms with each role were beautifully done. 

The cast has a whole can be commended for their great contributions to this production. There was not a moment where the show fell flat. The audience was thoroughly entertained and remained laughing throughout the performance.  

The productions runs for two hours with a 15-minute intermission and is showing at Thad Smotherman Theatre, 1205 Binkley Street, Fort Worth TX, 76105. 

Those wanting to attend can purchase tickets through the Theatre Wesleyan Box Office. For more information, contact the box office at 817-531-4211.  

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  • Kirsten Wagner portrays Cass.

  • Chase Di Iulio plays the role of Kip.

  • Giannina Lambert portrays Lois.

  • Sharon Fron portrays the roles of Barbara, Pilot 3, Waitresses and Janie.

  • Nathan Tobey plays Captain Mike.

  • Jonathan Burt and Grace Philibar portray the couple Glen and Karla.

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