Kendal Clark spiritual journey

Photo courtesy Kendal Clark

Kendal Clark will be graduating on Saturday, May 21 with a degree in Mass Communication and a minor in Interfaith Leadership.

Clark chose to attend Texas Wesleyan University because she wanted to stay local, and close to family, and it became her dream college after the campus tour. “I also knew many people at the time who graduated from there,” Clark said.

During her tour, she ran into a TxWes student she knew. He was excited she was considering the university. Clark said choosing Wesleyan was “meant to be” after their conversation.

When she first started college, Clark didn’t know what she wanted to do. “You don’t need to know; it’s okay to not know,” Clark said. “In high school, they are going to say you have to know. In college, they are going to say you have to know. It’s okay to explore your interests.”

In high school, she was in a dual credit program through TCC and graduated high school with 28 college hours. She then went on to finish her associate’s of arts at TCC one year after graduating high school in 2020.

Her college advisor at TCC helped her decide to major in mass communication because the majority of her interests lined up with mass communication or business. When she found out about accounting and math courses, she felt the mass communication classes seemed more interesting.

During her time here at Wesleyan, Clark was a part of a variety of organizations both on and off-campus.

Photo courtesy Kendal Clark

On-campus, Clark is vice president and a life group leader of Connect College Ministry, also known as Rams for Christ. She is president of the Tau Sigma National Honor Society (Texas Wesleyan’s Chapter). She also worked for the Rambler Media Group in Spring 2021.

Clark has remained on the Dean’s list since her start here at Wesleyan. If she gets straight A’s this semester, she will graduate summa cum laude and will be receiving departmental honors.Clark was recently given an invitation to join Alpha Chi for being in the top 1-2% of upperclassmen at Wesleyan.

Off-campus, Clark was a part of Texas DeMolay (DeMolay International). During her time with DeMolay, she was the State Sweetheart from 2018-2019; Chapter Sweetheart for H. Malvern Marks Chapter 2 years prior; and currently Sweetheart Emeritus for H. Malvern Marks Chapter.

She served as a Past Assistant to the Director of the Texas DeMolay Alumni Association from 2018 to 2019. Clark served as a member of the Order of the Eastern Star Webb Chapter #1140 for over 2 years. Clark was a part of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls Jurisdiction of Texas as Grand Worthy Advisor.

She is also a paid intern at the Southside Church of Christ in Fort Worth.

Clark also had her education impacted by a lot of different things. One that stood out the most was her journey to becoming Grand Worthy Advisor in IORG. “Grand Worthy Advisor is the top position that a girl can hold in her jurisdiction in Rainbow,” Clark said. “It was my dream to do that, and I ran for it.”

Before becoming Grand Worthy Advisor, Clark ran for the position called Grand Worthy Associate Advisor. This position helps her plan out her year in advance before becoming Grand Worthy Advisor and the next year is when you serve as Grand Worthy Advisor.

“A lot of girls either take off a semester or a year of college and I didn’t want to do that,” Clark said. “It’s really hard to do, it’s really hard to balance and only a few girls have ever continued to go to school and still make good grades. I received a lot of pressure from that.”

Clark is extremely thankful for her faith, her family and the people that have supported her along the way.

Once Clark graduates, she plans on taking a break during the summer but also focusing on her duties as Grand Worthy Advisor. She will be applying to different positions, different churches and organizations, but plans to stay local.

“I want to do good in the world, that is a want of mine,” said Clark “I want to do it to benefit people for the good.”