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Rams ready for conference tournament

by Ebeline Luna

The men’s soccer team has been doing well and players say they are ready for this weekend’s Sooner Athletic Conference Tournament.

The Rams, 7-8-1 overall and 3-5-1 in conference, play the University of Science and Arts at 7 p.m. in Oklahoma, according to ramsports.net.

Forward Alberto Lopez, who has a soccer scholarship, is really confident about the rest of the season.

“We are are playing better every game as a team and getting closer to the results we want,” Lopez said earlier this month.

Lopez, a sophomore business major, has been on the team since his freshmen year and is excited that the team is doing well this season. He said last season the Rams didn’t do so hot.

The team was 4-11-1 overall last season and 2-7-1 in conference last season, according to ramsports.net.

Lopez confident that his teammates will put in the work is very happy to represent Texas Wesleyan.

Lopez scored a goal in the team’s 5-0 against Texas A&M-Texarkana on Sept. 13 and said he is extremely proud.

“I felt good and it gave me a boost of confidence when I played the next game!” Lopez said.

Junior computer science major Johnny Avila, 21, agreed that the men’s soccer team will be going to the SAC conference game.

“I’m absolutely sure we’re going to conference tournament with the quality we’ve been showing lately,” Avila said.

Mass communications major Lee Benting, 20, said he is excited to get on with the season, and is confident that the team will qualify for the conference finals.

“I’m pretty certain we’ll make conference which is a major improvement on last season since we didn’t even qualify,” Benting said. “I think we are all excited because we have worked so much to be here. I definitely think the players this season have a lot to do with it because they are on top of their game.”

The Rams take on the University of Science and Arts at 7 p.m. Saturday in Oklahoma. For more information go to ramsports.net.

Freshman Blend Avdyli prepares to play against Bacone College on Oct. 27.
Photo by Ebeline Luna

Lee Benting (left, with headphones) and other members of the team wait to play before the Bacone College game.
Photo by Ebeline Luna.

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