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Brown plans to open family counseling practice

by theramblertwu

After graduation, Iyanna Brown plans to continue her education with Texas Wesleyan’s online graduate program in counseling. Brown feels this will be a major step toward accomplishing her goal of starting her own family counseling practice.

Brown an Atlanta, Georgia native is a psychology major planning to graduate in December 2020. She was lured to Wesleyan by its smaller, smarter atmosphere and a cheer scholarship awarded to her by Carolyn Choate, Wesleyan’s former cheer coach.

“I just loved the people. It felt like a match,” Brown said.

Brown said her time at Wesleyan was impactful, “Attending Wesleyan has allowed me to mature into the woman I am today. It has taught me to better evaluate situations I encounter, make the right decisions concerning my future or general wellbeing and learn skills I have used and will continue to use after Wesleyan.”

Besides being captain of the cheer team, Brown is one of Wesleyan’s staff football managers, a Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) member and a representative in the Student Government Association. Brown’s really enjoyed Wesleyan’s cheer program, and mentoring the youth through cheer is one of her most valued accomplishments.

“The responsibility I have to the youth looking up to me through cheer gives me great pride in what I do,” said Brown.

Being active at Texas Wesleyan has helped Brown solidify her future career as a counselor and her dream of starting her own practice.

Brown offers this advice to first year students, “Freshman year is not the year to make mistakes, it’s your year to map out what you want. If you start off careless, you’ll end careless. Because you can’t build something strong on a faulty foundation. Enjoy yourself but know what you want.”

Story by Jaylen King

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