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Spring Break safety and vacationing tips

Spring break is right around the corner and college students from all over the country are making

their final arrangements. It’s a time to get away from schoolwork, relax, and possibly even go on

a nice lengthy vacation.


Whether you’re leaving the country, hanging out on South Padre, staying at home with family or

just going down the road there are many precautions to take while traveling during this time of



Most students expect a fun and safe spring break, but always be prepared for possible bumps in

the road along the way. Take extra precaution to avoid said bumps.

If you’re road tripping, be sure to take turns behind the wheel. Make certain that all drivers have

a valid driver’s license and the registration is in the vehicle before you hit the road. Be extra

cautious while driving at night and make stops at well-lit gas stations for safety. QuikTrips and


Love’s are always good options.


Remember to keep plenty of snacks and drinks to hold you over until it’s time for a pit stop.

More importantly, keep an eye on your gas tank and your distance from a gas station. There is

nothing worse than the moment your tank hits empty in the middle of nowhere. Try to fill up

your tank when it is still about a quarter full.


If you plan to be on the beach, be aware that sunshine and alcohol make for a bad sunburn and an

even worse hangover. Avoid this by using sunscreen of at least SPF 15 and reapply often. Look

for a spray sunscreen labeled “sport.” Many of these are water resistant to better protect you

from the sun. Keep cool with hats and umbrellas and keep your eyes protected with sunglasses.

Leave your glass bottles at home and make sure to throw plastic cups and cans in the trash. Be

sure to drink plenty of water in between drinks and take to the shade if you start to feel dizzy.

Unlike heading to the closest beach, leaving the country is a bit more complex. Make sure you

have all the right paperwork like a passport or visa (depending on your destination) in hand one

to two months before leaving the country.


Legal documents and paperwork are simple to obtain but the process is often tedious. Research

your destination and be familiar with the customs, laws and dress codes. Sticking out will draw

unnecessary and potentially negative attention to you. Be sure to dress modestly at historical

sites. Many will not allow entrance if you do not uphold a certain standard of dress.

Believe it or not, safety has a lot to do with what you pack in your luggage. Be sure not to bring

anything you wouldn’t want to part with, like expensive jewelry or accessories. Ladies, leave the

engagement ring, necklace your boyfriend bought you, and that expensive designer handbag at

home. There is no harm in wearing some cheaper jewelry for a week or so.


Be mindful of how much money you’re carrying and where you’re keeping it. It helps to keep

money in more than one place in case something happens to your wallet. Keep one eye on your

personal items and the other on potential pick pockets; but be sure to take in all the beautiful

sights while you’re at it (traveling is hard.)


No matter how you spend your spring break, remember to party smart. According to a University

of Wisconsin study, 75 percent of college males and 43 percent of college females report being

intoxicated on a daily basis during spring break.


Drinking is practically inevitable during spring break. Don’t drink and drive, drink plenty of

water, give yourself a limit and stick to it.


While nobody likes to think about it, college women on spring break also need to be aware of the

dangers of date-rape drugs such as roofies. Student travel expert Kathleen Crislip, writing for, warns that roofies may leave a bitter taste in your drink. If you feel strangely

drunk after not drinking much, seek help immediately.


She also suggests never leaving your drink unattended and not drinking anything you did not

open, or that you did not see a bartender open.


For the singles out there, if you choose to have sex make sure it is safe. Set some boundaries for

yourself and stock up on protection before you leave home.


The buddy system: Use it. Love it. When you’re going out with friends, take care of each other.

If you go out together, leave together.


Spring break is one of the most fun and memorable parts of college. Take these few tips into

consideration and have a safe but fun spring break.


Looking place to visit during spring break? Here are some of the most popular hotspots in Texas. If you

can’t leave town and need to stay local, there are plenty of places that are close enough to be a fun

daytrip. For more ideas and information on where to visit spring break, visit



Distance from Fort Worth: 3 hours

 Live music capital of Texas

 Bars on 6th street or the Drag

 Barton Springs

 Lake Travis

 Hamilton Pool


Galveston Island

Distance from Fort Worth: 5 hours

Official Website of Galveston Island, Texas Tourism & Marketing

 2nd best spring break hot spot in 2014, according to USA Today national poll.

 Short drive to Houston for big city amenities.

 Beach parties, surfing lessons, dolphin tours, and deep sea fishing.

 Good selection of nightlife and live music.


New Braunfels

Distance from Fort Worth: 3 hours 30 min.

 The City Chute and tubing

 Comal River

 Schlitterban


San Marcos / Guadalupe River

Distance from Fort Worth: 3 Hours 30 min.

 Tubing in the San Marcos River

 Beautiful Hill Country


Corpus Christi/ Port Aransas

Distance from Fort Worth: 6 hours

 Beaches

 Newport Pass beaches are free and the only beach in the United States that allows you

drive on it. Tent camping on the beach is also free.


South Padre Island

Distance from Fort Worth: 8 hours

 Consistent warm, sunny weather

 Diving and snorkeling

 Good selection of condos, hotels, clubs and restaurants


Possum Kingdom Lake

Distance from Forth Worth: 2 hrs 15min.

 Cliff jumping

 Boating


Lake Texoma

Distance from Fort Worth: 1 hour 45 min.

 University of Texoma offers paddle boarding, kayaking, and sailing classes. A 1 hour

class is only $5, perfect for a college student budget.

Reservations can be made by calling (903) 361-8500

 Beaches on the shoreline of the lake, fishing, camping, and more!

 Oklahoma Casinos are a short drive away.

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Spring Break safety and vacationing tips