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Stiffer penalties should be mandatory for steroid use


Steroids and other performance enhancing drugs have no place in sports, but unfortunately they have become part of society.

People read the sports section of the newspaper and all they see is stories about athletes getting suspended for drugs or steroids. Athletes such as Alex Rodriguez and Roger Clemens who claim that they had no idea what was being injected into them are just incredibly stupid.

How do you not know what is being injected into you?

The fact that Clemens to this day denies that he ever used drugs is funny. His former teammates have even called him out saying that he used it.

His response? “I’ve never used drugs, ever.”

Major League Baseball needs stiffer penalties for failed drug tests. Getting suspended 80 games for a failed drug test, which is what happened to Ervin Santana of the Minnesota Twins this year, is ridiculous. If you fail a drug test you should get suspended an entire season without pay. No argument, no nothing. You cheated and now you have to be a big boy and face the consequences. If you get caught cheating in ollege, they kick you out, no questions asked. Why should baseball be any different?

In 2006, Boston Red Sox first baseman/designated hitter David Ortiz hit 54 home runs and it was rumored that he had taken steroids. How sad is it that whenever someone has a spectacular season it is automatically assumed that he used performance enhancing drugs? Same thing happened to Joe Mauer in 2008. Mauer has never been known as a power hitter, and that season he hit 28 home runs and people were so quick to assume that he used drugs.

Instead of making rule changes at the end of every year as usual, MLB should start looking at coming up with harsher penalties for steroid use. Yes, 80 games is a lot, but that’s half the season. If you’re team is in a division race, you can still come back and make a difference. Suspending someone an entire season sends all athletes the message that using steroids and other drugs is not a joke.

Time for Michael’s musings.

Five things I like:

  • The Kansas City Royals to win the World Series.
  • The NBA season starting.
  • Adrian Peterson against the Chicago Bears.
  • Dez Bryant possibly playing in Sunday’s matchup against the Seahawks.
  • Tom Brady against the Dolphins defense.

Five things I don’t:

  • Torii Hunter retiring from baseball.
  • The Houston Texans cutting Ryan Mallett.
  • Jerry Jones calling Greg Hardy a leader after his sideline spat last week.
  • The Detroit Lions only firing the offensive coordinator and offensive line coach.
  • Percy Harvin being a distraction to the Buffalo Bills.

Just wondering:

  • How long before the Texans clean house?
  • Can Baylor still win without starting QB Seth Russell?
  • How bad are the San Diego Chargers?
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Stiffer penalties should be mandatory for steroid use