12 Dec 2017

Sports Presents More Opportunities for International Students

Jeremy Crane,  a senior mass communication major, sits down with two Wesleyan basketball players as they discuss the transition from leaving their countries to attend school in America. The video features transfer student Sam Smith, an accounting major from New Zealand, and Shaun Rost, a junior fiance major from Australia.

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07 Sep 2017

New diversity committee on campus

As part of the Campus Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Plan, a multicultural committee has formed to organize and develop multicultural celebrations and endorse inclusivity in the Texas Wesleyan community. Angela Dampeer, associate vice president of Human Resources, led the creation of the strategic plan developed by the university’s Diversity and

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09 Oct 2012

Diversity among students ties Wesleyan together

It’s 6:30 a.m. on a Monday morning. Candace Johnson, senior mass communication major, is up and getting her son Sebian ready for school. After he’s on the bus, Johnson goes for a run with their great dane. She returns home, prepares for school, hops on her motorcycle, a Kawasaki ZX-1200,