31 Oct 2018

International students share their superstitions

Superstitions such as not walking past black cats and avoiding walking under ladders have played a role in American culture, but they are a much bigger deal in other parts of the world. Superstitions are a major part of Indian culture, international student and biochemistry sophomore Anahita Keer said. “India

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06 Dec 2017

Fernando Luis Santillan hopes to make a difference

Fernando Luis Santillan was born a Mexico citizen to his parents Esteban Santillan Ceniceros and Carolina Salas Reyes. His brother, Esteban Santillan Jr. was born a United States citizen to the same parents.  “So, my brother was born in El Paso, Texas because my mom decided to have him there and for

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08 Jan 2015

Wesleyan student dies in Mexico

  Texas Wesleyan University student Elizabeth Suarez, 21, died in Mexico on Saturday, according to a university official. Suarez was killed on Jan. 3 while riding in a truck with her family on the Ojinaga toll road in Chihuahua, Mexico, according to elcentineladeojinaga.com.mx. The Toyota Tacoma’s front tire became damaged and the

10 Apr 2013

Mexico isn’t what it once was [OPINION]

As a first-generation Mexican American, Santiago warns anyone looking to travel to Mexico of the dangers no matter what their cultural background.