20 Feb 2019

Wesleyan hosts book, clothing drives around campus

Texas Wesleyan students and organizations are hosting different drives all over campus. The campus’ Black Student Association teamed up with the Student Government Association in hosting a clothing drive until Feb. 22, with boxes in the Elizabeth and OC Halls and the library. BSA Secretary Blen Hussain and BSA Historian

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15 Feb 2019

SGA to bring hammocks to campus

Students will have a new place to hang out on campus soon. Texas Wesleyan’s Student Government Association passed a bill on Thursday allocating almost $5,000 for eight hammocks. “We would have to talk to facilities for a specific location,” said Secretary Alison Baron, who presented the bill. “Right now with

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24 Jan 2019

SGA seeks more audience participation in meetings

Texas Wesleyan’s Student Government Association introduced a loose interpretation of “Robert’s Rules of Order” on Thursday at the first general business meeting of the semester. SGA President Alyssa Hutchinson trained the SGA members on how the meetings would run. “We are still going to follow ‘Robert’s Rules’ but it is

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27 Nov 2018

Wesleyan sponsors Polytechnic Christmas party

Texas Wesleyan will be sponsoring the Polytechnic Community Center’s Christmas Party for children in the Polytechnic community on Dec. 13 from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Texas Wesleyan’s Polytechnic community roots are well known. The university’s mission statement encourages community outreach and involvement. “The University also strives to develop a

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19 Nov 2018

SGA gets in the holiday spirit with approval of money for Polytechnic Christmas party

Texas Wesleyan University’s Student Government Association’s first order of business at Friday’s meeting was to elect a new vice president and senior representative. During the closed-door election, former Athletics Representative Lynzie Moore was elected vice president and Jacqueline Rodriguez was elected senior representative. “I’m so excited, now I get to

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