SGA voting continues through Friday


SGA Chief Justice William Wick speaks at a meeting. Photo by Nicholas Acosta

Voting for the 2017-2018 Student Government Association candidates, as well as Mr. and Ms. Wesleyan, began Wednesday and will continue through Friday.

Students can vote via a link on an email sent out by Eugene Frier, assistant dean of student engagement, early Wednesday.

The winners will be announced during free period Tuesday at The Rammys, a student awards ceremony, which will be held at Lou’s Place, according to SGA Chief Justice William Wick.

The candidates include:

President: Clarissa Murillo, Nasrullah Sailab, Zahraa Saheb

Vice President: Alejandra Gonzalez, Mohanad Hasona

Treasurer: Sachiko Jayaratne

Secretary: Roberto Contreras, Karlee Nguyen

Head Representative: Cameron Bennett

School of Arts and Letters Representative: John Traxler

School of Education Representative: Dulce Munoz

School of Natural and Social Sciences Representative: Alyssa Hutchinson

International Representative: Hasibullah Aimaq

Ms. Wesleyan: Hamsa Hasona

Mr. Wesleyan: John Traxler, Alyssa Hutchinson, Mohanad Hasona