Student organizations gather at ‘Night of Worship’


The Student Government Association and Spiritual Life hosted “Night of Worship,” a chance to gather students and organizations for a live band and free food. Photo by Hannah Lathen

Texas Wesleyan’s Spiritual Life and Student Government Association hosted “Night of Worship,” bringing campus organizations and students together with a live band and free food Thursday night.

Juniors Haley Arnspiger and Taylor Date are both the chaplain assistants this semester. Arnspiger said the goal of this event was to bring a greater sense of community to Wesleyan.

“We want people to feel like they have a place where they belong, so we were like, ‘Let’s give out free food, let’s have music and let’s just tell people we are here,'” she said. “We just threw this together and now it’s happening.”

Arnspiger transferred to Wesleyan last semester, and she said her and Date were disappointed with the spiritual life on campus.

“The last chaplain assistant graduated, and the job opened,” she said. “So we went to the head of the department and we were like, ‘We want the job and we want it as a team.'”

To provide food and to spread the word for the event, Spiritual Life went to SGA, Arnspiger said. Alyssa Hutchinson, a sophomore biology and psychology major and SGA Vice President, helped with the event.

“Haley contacted SGA and she said that she wanted to do something for Spiritual Life to really get their name out there and she wanted to collaborate with SGA, so we said sure,” Hutchinson said.

SGA provided 100 Chick-fil-A sandwiches, which were free to students. Hutchinson said she hopes students get excited about being active on campus when they see events happening and to make students aware of SGA’s purpose.

“I feel like SGA in the past has just been known as a scholarship type thing where you just come and ask for money to go to a conference or something,” she said. “But SGA is here to make students’ lives better in all aspects, so it includes catering events or hosting events. We need people to come in and tell us what they want from us, so we can do more things like that.”

SGA President Zahraa Saheb said the “Night of Worship” was a cool communal event that reflected Wesleyan’s family-oriented, community feel.

“For student government, this semester is more of a re-growth semester. We really want to be as much out there as we can,” she said. “We want to be more active. We want more students to know about who we are, what our mission is and what we do.”

Yonatzin Cardoso, a junior sociology major and member of Alpha Xi Delta, said it was spectacular to see all the organizations at the event.

“It is so interesting to see how they brought an actual live band out here,” she said. “I think it just brings a whole bunch of good vibes to the group, too.”

Cardoso said Arnspiger and Date really wanted to bring a sense of community to Wesleyan and that it is so important to bring different organizations together because that is how they get people to join and become involved on campus.

“I think this is a really great stepping stone for the campus,” she said.

Jocelyn Hernandez, a senior psychology major, said she enjoyed the event because it brought the organizations together and gave a big sense of community, which is what Wesleyan needs because the campus is small.

“I feel like the more events we have the closer we will be as students and as classmates,” she said.

Freshman criminal justice major Callie Naser said she enjoyed seeing all the students come out.

“It is like us all uniting,” Naser said.

The Student Government Association and Spiritual Life hosted “Night of Worship,” a chance to gather students and organizations for a live band and free food.
Photo by Hannah Lathen
Students eat Chick-fil-A sandwiches and listen to a live band at Thursday’s Spiritual Life event.
Photo by Hannah Lathen