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Geek Week encourages students to embrace their passions

Texas Wesleyan students are letting their geek flags fly through Geek Week events being held all over campus.

The events were the idea of students Akeel Johnson and Bailey Dozier, who wanted to host a week similar to Greek Week that targets the students around campus that are invested in pop culture.  Johnson, a senior mass communication major, wrote in an e-mail that he wanted a way to bring this diverse group of students together for a week of fun events.

“Geek culture is usually considered out of the norm,” Johnson wrote, “so it’s hard to find people in it sometimes. I wanted to find a way bring that group of people together.  I made the events to get the geeks together and expand the idea of geek culture. The events are based around things we grew up with. It’s our childhood.”

Johnson also wrote that he thinks these events should appeal to many students on campus, not just those invested in comic books but also those that are passionate about a variety of different subjects.

“Everyone is a geek about something,” Johnson wrote. “They just need someone to nerd out with. I just hope I can get that message across.  Geek culture isn’t just about cartoons and video games, it’s about anything you’re crazy about. What most people don’t know is that pop culture is closely related to geek culture.”

So far, the week has included Merchandise Monday, where students were encouraged to wear clothes that represent their favorite fandoms; Tuesday had a Dragonball Fighter Z tournament, where students could show off their gaming abilities; and Wednesdsay saw a Star Wars vs. Harry Potter debate, where students were encouraged to vote on their favorite aspects of each in order to determine an overall winner.

Still to come are a debate on Thursday between Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon fans; students can vote for their favorite childhood cartoons in a tournament-style “battle.” The event is 7 p.m. in the West Village clubhouse. On Friday, Dr. Eddy Lynton, an assistant professor of criminal justice and sociology, and Dr. Cary Adkinson, an associate professor of criminal justice, will be moving a portion of their combined comic collections into the Eunice and James L. West Library.  According to Adkinson, they are seeking volunteers to come by at noon to help move the collection in.

“The inspiration for this idea came from my parents,” Adkinson wrote in an e-mail, “who were always so supportive (especially financially) of my love of comic books. After they passed away, I wanted to establish a comic collection in honor of their memory. Now other students and scholars will be able to enjoy the gift they gave me, which I know would have made them so happy and proud.”

Adkinson wrote that he believes these events will have something for everyone on campus, and he thinks that students should be proud of the things they are passionate about.

“It’s an opportunity for us to celebrate our own interests while seeing what everyone else might be into as well,” Adkinson wrote.  “One of the things that’s so cool about being on a smaller, more intimate campus is that it’s easier for us all to share in the fun and have a sense that we’ve got something very unique and special going on on our campus. Smaller. Smarter. helps us be Nerdier. Geekier. in a way we can all be proud of.”

Dozier, a sophomore history with secondary certification major, wrote in an e-mail that he has seen a boom in geek culture both in the community and on campus, and he thinks these events will be a good opportunity for students.

“These events can benefit students by showcasing that everyone shares common pop culture sentiment,” Dozier wrote, “and by having Geek Week we are able to combine all factors of pop culture helping connect the campus under a common interest.”

Dozier also wrote that he thinks this week is a good time for Geek Week with the release of Avengers: Infinity War set for Friday and many people on campus, including himself, looking forward to the film

“To get to this point is astonishing,” Dozier wrote of the film. “However, I will be a little disappointed when it finally does come out. To me everything is about the journey and to see this journey come to a close in Avengers part 1 and 2 will be a sad thought for me. Nonetheless I will enjoy the experience for I am fortunate to say I grew up in the great era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

Adkinson asks that Wesleyan’s campus be a spoiler-free zone for the movie, as he will be unable to see it until May 4.

“As a kid, me and my friends would always dream about seeing our favorite superheroes brought to life,” Adkinson wrote. “But never in my wildest dreams did I imagine they would be brought to life with such care and respect for the source material as well as the power of the heroic myth to captivate and inspire.  To have the ultimate payoff right around the corner is almost too much to take.  They say patience is a virtue, but that’s asking a lot. So if you see me on campus next week, please no spoilers!”

This flyer on the office door of Dr. Eddy Lynton and Dr. Cary Adkinson advertises the Geek Week events.
Photo by Amanda Roach
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Geek Week encourages students to embrace their passions