18 Feb 2019

‘Ted Bundy Tapes’ terrifies audience

It may be the time of the year to celebrate love, but Netflix’s new documentary on Ted Bundy will have one double checking if they locked their doors and swiping left on every white, handsome male on Tinder. “Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes” explores the gruesome murders

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15 Feb 2019

SGA to bring hammocks to campus

Students will have a new place to hang out on campus soon. Texas Wesleyan’s Student Government Association passed a bill on Thursday allocating almost $5,000 for eight hammocks. “We would have to talk to facilities for a specific location,” said Secretary Alison Baron, who presented the bill. “Right now with

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13 Feb 2019

Information on new Makers Lab presented at 2020 Town Hall meeting

Faculty from the West Library discussed the new TxWes Makers Lab at Tuesday’s 2020 Town Hall Meeting. Library Director Elizabeth Howard gave a slide presentation about the new space and how it can be utilized by Wesleyan students, faculty and staff. “It is a space where you can be inventive

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08 Feb 2019

Students share concerns on campus parking

Three business students voiced their issues with Wesleyan’s parking lots at Thursday’s Student Government Association general business meeting. Karen Duarte-Escobar, Le Le Huynh and Jonathan Dermott stood up in front of SGA, Wesleyan’s Public Safety Supervisors Kevin Rodricks and Anthony Garcia and Facilities Operations Coordinator Alyssa Cavitt. “As business school

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31 Jan 2019

Famous pianists perform duo recital in Martin Hall

Video by Tina Huynh Internationally renowned pianists Boaz Sharon and Pavel Nersessian performed a duo-piano recital in Nicholas Martin Hall on Monday.   Sharon and Nersessian both teach at Boston University and have performed around the world, recently coming back from a tour in China, according to Dr. Ilka Araujo, associate professor of piano and music history.  Araujo received her master’s

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