05 Oct 2016

End sexual violence on campuses

Sexual assaults on college campuses have become an epidemic. According to RAINN.org, a nonprofit dedicated to fighting sexual violence, 11.2 percent of all students’ experience rape or sexual assault through physical force, violence, or incapacitation, and 90 percent of college victims feel so ashamed that they never file a report.

02 Oct 2016

Wesleyan registration is a frustration

Texas Wesleyan’s admission and registration process sends students in circles. Taking a new step in life can be a stressful process, but today’s resources should make the process easier.  Students are able to apply online. They fill out their paperwork, transfer their documents to administration, apply for financial aid and

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23 Sep 2016

Rain excites audience members

Fans will be pouring in to watch Theatre Wesleyan’s first production of the 2016-17 season, When the Rain Stops Falling, which opened on Thursday. Rain, written by Andrew Bovell and directed by Bryan Stevenson, is an extraordinary play with a gloomy forecast that gives the audience the opportunity to travel

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20 Sep 2016

Pouring Glory: a glorious hole in the wall

I heard great things about Pouring Glory, and I was not disappointed.  The bar and grill opened last December and is located near Rosedale and Main Street in an industrial historical building, and is only about a five-minute drive from the Wesleyan campus. Don’t let the location and exterior fool

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18 Sep 2016

Student worker hours should increase

From the moment we start our educational journey, we are told that we must do well to get into college. What impressionable young students are not told is that the main concern about getting into college is not having the grades, but having the money. Tuition, books, parking passes and