Are adding sports helpful or harmful?


Stock photo courtesy of Pixabay

Texas Wesleyan has been trying its best to keep the number of students increasing over the past few years.

The university’s main source has been adding sports teams to ensure that enrollment keeps growing.

Since the fall of 2015, Wesleyan has added men’s and women’s tennis, football, dance, esports and now men’s and women’s wrestling.

Although this is a great opportunity to have more athletes on campus, my question to Wesleyan is: Why do you continue adding sports when the ones here are already suffering?

There are currently only portable bathrooms at the soccer fields.

As far as the gym is concerned, multiple sports use this for practice, and this makes it nearly impossible to coordinate everyone’s practice times.

Both the football team and the tennis teams must travel to practice and the athletes on these teams have to spend their own gas money as a result.

I think it is crucial to ensure that the athletes on campus are being taken care of in the best way possible.

Everyone wants to be able to attend a school where they have home matches, at home.

This creates a sense of pride associated with your school and makes you proud of where you go.

I believe that when new student athletes are being recruited, they are much more likely to want to attend a school that looks like it takes great care of its athletes.

More students would want to come here if they drove up and saw that all the sports facilities were located on campus, or at least very close.

Also, more people would be more likely to come and support the teams if the matches and games were played at Texas Wesleyan.

I hope that in the next few years Wesleyan realizes that the sports that are here need to be taken care of regardless of what is being added.

A big question that I feel many students ask is: If more sports are being added, does this take away from the scholarship opportunities for the other sports teams?

The more sports that are added, the more money is required.

If there were not as many sports, students might be able to receive a larger amount of scholarship money.

As many students know, Wesleyan is a private school, and tuition is definitely not cheap. On top of the hefty price of the school, scholarships do not increase with the tuition price, making it difficult for some athletes to continue to attend Wesleyan.

If this changed, it would be a better opportunity for the student athletes.

I am grateful for the opportunity that I was given to be a college athlete at Texas Wesleyan University. I only want to see the school improve over the years and give the next generation an even better experience.