20 Dec 2018

Peer Pressure- A Teen Experience

The Honorable Judge Lorraine Irby remembers feeling peer pressure as a teenager. It was the summer after eighth grade, and she was starting over at a new school; she was invited to a party, and she wanted the cute older boys to like her. One of them offered her a

22 Nov 2018

What Are You Thankful For?

Happy Thanksgiving and don’t forget to show your gratitude to those you’re thankful for!

17 Nov 2018

Newscast with Mazzie Kromah

  Stories included: – Flu Prevention – Homecoming Block Party – Midnight Breakfast – Blue Zones Health Summit  

16 Nov 2018

Wesleyan Talks Ep. 1: Body Shaming, Midterm Elections, Martin Student Center

We started a new series of talk shows called Wesleyan Talks where we discuss different topics both inside and outside Wesleyan. In this episode, we discussed body shaming, the 2018 midterm elections, and the new Martin Student Center.  

31 Oct 2018

Sportscast with Rachell Aguilar

Stories included: – ESports program -Men’s Basketball -Melissa Gonzalez Feature