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Wesleyan shutdown brings emotions out of students remaining on campus

Throughout the Texas Wesleyan campus students and the remaining staff are feeling the effects of the shutdown that was issued to the campus for the rest of the 2020 spring semester.

University President Frederick Slabach announced Thursday that the campus will be going completely remote until May 10 at the earliest due to the guidelines following social distancing that the CDC has put into place.

Students who remain on the campus due to living circumstances are trying to make the best out of the situation and the resources that are being provided to them.

Freshman Robert Bradshaw, who had just returned to the campus from spring break, felt that he was still being informed and taken care because nothing had changed except the amount of people on campus.

“I don’t think we have to reports to RAs but my RA just texted me just to check up on me because he’s like my big brother figure,” Bradshaw said.

Senior general studies major Diamond Williams is among one of the remaining students on Wesleyan’s campus who has been cleared to remain throughout the end of the semester. He said the circumstances and the closure of the school is difficult to deal with.

“I feel like it’s crazy, they [the community] are making it a big deal and it’s not even that big,” Williams said. “I thought about it and how many people have died from this [ the coronavirus] at the most around 7,000 but maybe 200,000 people die a day. They aren’t making a big deal about that so why are they making such a big deal about this.”

Williams said that he does understand the concerns about the virus although the way the crisis was escalated got out of hand and this could have been because of the media.

“I don’t want to say all media, but some media stations are over boosting,” Williams said. “They are making it such a big deal because they are trying to cover up what happened within stock because some stock went lower than it had been since 2008.”

During this time on campus, though, Williams said that he will just be conscious of his surroundings and trying to remain cautious. At the moment he believes the campus is divided and it is mainly an “everyone for themselves” environment.

Along with students, there is a skeleton crew that remains on the campus working to help get the online migration off the ground for the campus.

Campus bookstore manager Amanda Leopard says that during this time she is one of the members of the Texas Wesleyan community that is also feeling the impacts of the shutdown and is concerned about the students on the campus as well as her own employees in the bookstore.

“I’m going by what the campus is telling me,” she said. “Yesterday I got told the building was going to close and today it was opened so I don’t know. I am just going by whatever is coming down the pipeline. I can only keep a certain amount of hours and if we’re not going to be open then it’s just going to be me and all my other employees are going to have to find something else. For now, this is where we are, but every day is changing.”



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Wesleyan shutdown brings emotions out of students remaining on campus