The Martin University Center celebrates two-year anniversary

Students attempt to help Pro Joe out of the dunk tank after his first dunk.

Student activities hosted The Martin University Center’s two-year anniversary since its opening in 2019. The event was on Monday, Sept. 20 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

The side of the Martin University Center facing the West library was decked out in balloons, various entertainment booths and cake. There was music and fun activities for students to stop by and participate in during their free period from classes. 

Tulsi Purohit is a computer science freshman who played many of the stationary booth games at the event. She said she heard about the event from a class with Professor Joe Brown (Pro Joe). 

“Pro Joe sent me the email and I [found the event]. I like all the games,” Purohit said. “I like the gaming zone, the student lounge and the Starbucks [in the Martin University Center].” 

Abigail Madrid is a freshman who happened to find out about the event from someone in the administration building. “I was looking through the windows. I was like, maybe I should go check it out. It looks kind of fun,” Madrid said. 

Madrid said her favorite feature about the Martin University Center is that it is really accessible and an easy place to see people from class and say ‘hi’ as well as getting information about different events happening on campus. 

One of the entertainment features included at the birthday bash was a dunk tank hosted by the Programming and Activities Committee (PAC). Junior theatre major Elena Cruz is a tour guide and part of a few organizations on campus, including PAC. 

“I think my favorite [feature inside the Martin Center] is the student lounges and the gaming room, because it’s a nice place to just go chill between classes, meet other students and just go to have a break,” Cruz said. 

Freshman computer science major Pooja Kunjadiya learns to play a game with the booth attendant.