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Peyton takes a victory lap

With the class of 2021 getting ready to graduate soon here at Texas Wesleyan, the excitement and anticipation grow steadily. All though it has been a rocky road, the time of celebration and relief is only weeks away. Taylor Peyton has been looking forward to this moment since she arrived on Wesleyan’s campus. Coming from Slidell, Louisiana, Taylor has exceeded the expectations her family and friends set for her. Taylor will be the first college graduate in her family. Not only is she the youngest of three siblings, but she is also the only girl. 

Taylor was accepted into Wesleyan her junior year of high school. She and her longtime friend initially were looking to go to Texas Christian University (TCU). Peyton’s friend would eventually get accepted into TCU. Although Taylor would not attend TCU, she was left with a scholarship to Wesleyan which happens to be about ten minutes up the road.  

“Looking back, I’m glad that I made that choice. I don’t know what would’ve happened if I went to TCU,” said Peyton.  

Taylor’s personality would quickly gravitate towards her peers allowing her to make friends easily. She has competed on the cheer team for the past four years, where she has formed most of her friendships. 

“Being with those girls every day only brought us closer and they will always be my sisters,” Peyton said. 

Peyton also mentioned that cheer helped develop her leadership skills, forcing her to be more outspoken. 

“I was more reserved before cheer, but I knew in order to get better I would have to step up and take charge more,” said Peyton.  

These distinguishing characteristics carried over to Peyton’s academics as well. Taylor has remained an excellent student throughout her college career. Professor Cary D. Adkinson has been blown away by Taylor’s determination. 

“Taylor has been in many of my criminal justice classes over the years, as well as being one of my intern students,” Adkinson said. 

Professor Adkinson praised Peyton’s work ethic, stating how she juggles so many different obstacles in her life and still finds a way to get things done the right way. That work ethic led to Taylor serving as an Advisor of Student Government. Adkinson says Taylor’s strongest attribute is being able to balance everything which is why she offered to be an intern at Charleston’s Restaurant.  

“She was working in the management department at Charleston’s, which was no small task. She would handle things such as scheduling and security,” said Adkinson. 

Once again this was only another chance for Taylor to showcase her complex skillset and she would not disappoint. As much as Taylor has individually accomplished throughout her time at Wesleyan, she always makes sure to give thanks to the Wesleyan staff and students.  

“The smaller smarter aspect has truly helped me because I have been able to work and develop in smaller settings with more one-on-one engagements,” said Peyton.  

It is safe to say that Peyton has left an impact on everyone around her. Professor Adkinson voiced that it is hard not to root for her.  

“Honestly I am so proud of her and all that she has accomplished. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for her,” Adkinson said. 

Once the criminal justice major graduates, she hopes to become a paralegal. Her goal is to bring her bright, contagious energy into a unique field of business in order to assist others. Taylor plans to apply the signature “smaller smarter” mindset along the journey.

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Peyton takes a victory lap