SGA newest member completes the board


Angela Castillo

Texas Wesleyan’s Student Government Association (SGA) provides a student lounge available to all students in the Polytechnic United Methodist Church (PUMC).

Texas Wesleyan’s Student Government Association (SGA) swore Kirsten Wagner in as the Art and Letters Representative, the last position necessary to complete the SGA board on Friday, Oct. 8

Wagner is a senior musical theatre major and said she is especially passionate and excited about working with SGA members to represent the fine arts on campus.

“I feel kind of honored, I feel really good about it. I’m happy I was able to help them complete the board. Because I feel like things work best when you’re on a team, and so having a full team is you know, nothing short of wonderful,” Wagner said.

President of SGA and senior technical theatre major Kye Lewis said they never thought they would see a full board in SGA, especially coming back from a pandemic. “I thought it would take us a few years to develop a full board,” they said.

Lewis was happy to have Wagner on board, and said they were promoting the open Arts and Letter Representative position in their theatre practicum class, which had caught Wagner’s interest.

“She was at TCC previously and she was really involved there. She loves this campus, and she loves art. She doesn’t just love theater and music; she loves art as a whole,” Lewis remarked about Wagner. “That’s what really got her passionate about this. She wants to represent other people who love art.”

Lewis said there was a change in atmosphere on campus, an excitement of wanting to do more, create more bills and host more events. They said that in their freshman year, they saw a lot of hostility in the discussions in SGA, but that this semester, they don’t see hostility, they see passion.

“There’s a huge difference between hostility and passion. Whenever people talk, and they’re excited, and they’re engaged, it’s something that you can’t just make happen, something that doesn’t happen on its own. You have to have a special set of people, and I think we have that,” Lewis said.

Do you know who your SGA Representative is?

President Kye Lewis

Vice-President Jaylon Leonard

Treasurer Callie Naser

Chief Justice Andrea German

Head Representative Jasmine Nicole Salinas

Secretary Brooklyn Rowe

Transfer Representative Gianina Lambert

International Representative Bel Ange Ndaya

School of Business Representative Yamam Saheb

School of Education Representative Diego Nava

School of Natural and Social Sciences Madison Lemming

Senior Representative Samiya Mohamed-Fawzy

Graduate Representative Maxwell Hernandez

Athletic Representative Christina Cross

At-Large Representative Freddy Ramirez

School of Arts and Letter Representative Kirsten Wagner

Freshman Representative Regan Abadie

Residence Life Representative Robyn Bradley