Rams fans cheer during the homecoming football game

The excitement felt from the crowd at Farrington Field was full of cheers as Homecoming Monarchs, athletes’ families, students and alumni filled the stadium seats, cheering on the Ram football team.

Senior music education major Michael Nguyen attended the homecoming football game to support his friend, Ram’s cheerleader Alisha Sharp. He enjoys the return of football at Wesleyan and feels it helps strengthen the campus community.

“The campus culture has definitely changed. A lot of the hanging out has pushed more towards the football games, which is really cool. Because football started at Wesleyan, there [are] more chances and opportunities for [the] community to grow,” said Nguyen.

Freshman defensive line Cameron Beard had his parents, Wade and Melony Beard, cheering from the crowd. His family is proud and excited for Cameron to be a part of a winning team as they embrace being a part of the RAMily.

Even though he did not play the homecoming game because he was on the injured list, Melony Beard said, “We [are] very thrilled with the team, and they are doing such a great job. It’s exciting.”

Also, the family of freshman offensive line Adam Bourgeois drove from New Orleans to attend his first game of the season. He has been playing football since he was 7 or 8, and his family, parents Cory and Tanya, grandmother Brenda and aunt Kathy Bourgeois are proud of him.


The Beard family and Bourgeois family cheer on their athletes with TX Wes Alumni Mark and Janet Stoufflet, Lou and Anne Lavely and other game spectators posing in the stands of the homecoming game.


A group of Texas Wesleyan Alumni returned to their alma mater to attend the homecoming game. First time attending a Rams football game in person, alumni Janet Stoufflet class of ‘90 said she is extremely excited to support the football program.

“I am super excited about football. I am extra super excited about being here to watch the Rams play football. It’s awesome and it’s a wonderful day. They’ve played amazingly, it’s been so fun. We graduated so long ago, there was no football. It was way before the football program [returned]. It’s just really fun to [cheer] on your school for a football game,” said Stoufflet.

Lou and Anne Lavely, class of ‘87 and ‘90, were enjoying their time meeting other Wesleyan alumni and current parents of players. Anne Lavely joined the Goldline Dancers on the sidelines, dancing along with them as the crowd cheered her on.


Alumni class of ’90 Anne Lavely dances with the Wesleyan Gold Line Dancers at the homecoming game.


“We just came in for homecoming from South Carolina and planned several events around the homecoming game,” said Lavely. They also attended the Brick Dedication Ceremony Saturday morning, and the play “5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche” performed by Wesleyan Theater Saturday night.

Homecoming Monarch winners, seniors Diego Nava and Callie Naser were also in the crowd cheering on the Ram football team. Both Nava and Naser expressed their gratitude for being crowned the 2021 Wesleyan Monarchs.

Nava said, “Honestly, I kind of didn’t expect it but I am excited to be here on homecoming weekend. I am excited to be here with the Wesleyan community. Winning is another example that hard work is definitely worth it.”

Naser also credited hard work as she said, “It feels really great to win because it feels like all of the hard work I’ve put into the university these last four years is worth it. It was nice to get the crown and stand next to all of the other candidates.”

Homecoming Monarch Diego Nava poses for a photograph.
Homecoming Monarch senior Callie Naser poses for a photograph.















The Texas Wesleyan football team won their homecoming game against Texas College.