Rams win 52-0 against Oklahoma Panhandle State

Head Coach Joe Prud’Homme gives a speech to his players after their win against Oklahoma Panhandle State.
Head Coach Joe Prud’Homme gives a speech to his players after their win against Oklahoma Panhandle State.

Spirits were high at Saturday night’s football game between the Texas Wesleyan Rams and the Oklahoma Panhandle State Aggies at Farrington Field. At the end of the night, the Rams celebrated a 52-point lead. 

As the Rams maintain their undefeated streak, head coach Joe Prud’Homme commented that winning streaks like these are “what we’re here for.” 

“I thought we were real sluggish, but we came out in the second half and played well,” Prud’Homme added. “I felt real good about the way we finished.” 

The final score was 52-0 in favor of the Rams, with the team gaining a total of 424 yards during the game as opposed to the Aggies 169 yards gained. The final points of the game were scored by Wesleyan’s kicker, first-year student Armando Benitez, who managed to complete a 37-yard field goal. 

Wesleyan players were enthusiastic about their win. Sophomore Nick David-West reinforced his team’s effort, stating that “We all stuck to the plan and stuck to what we believe in.” 

David-West said that he is “looking forward to next week, when we’ll win again.” 

Other players had some reservations about their performance on Saturday. First-year player Otis Lee Walton said, “I feel like we could have done better.” Walton felt appreciative of the team’s win but said, “We had a lot of little mistakes, mistakes that [against] a good team might have led to a different outcome.” 

The mood encompassing the Rams win on Saturday was appreciative yet looking for more refinement. Ram’s player Donaven Johnson said that he “needs to clean up some things technique-wise.” This is one of his goals for the next game the Rams will play against Ottawa University. 

Ottawa University was described by the Rams’ head coach Joe Prud’Homme as one of the top ten football teams in the nation.  

“We’ve got to come out. We’ve got to have a great week of work,” said Prud’Homme. “We’ve got to put a great plan in place and execute it.” 

(Left to right) Texas Wesleyan students Raeleigh Denton, Natalie Smith, Dominique Sanders and Kaalin Tucker attend the Rams game against the Aggies on Sep. 10.

Fans of the Rams enjoyed Saturday’s game, with first-year psychology major Dominique Sanders who said, “It’s fun and I’m glad we’re winning.” Sanders is also enthusiastic about attending Wesleyan games in the future. “The first game was fun, and since we’re in the lead, I’m all hype and happy for who’s playing right now.”  

The next Rams game will be at 7:00 p.m. Saturday, September 17th at Farrington Field where the Rams will play their most competitive game so far this season against Ottawa University.