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Seniors face challenge in graduating but alumni suggest it will all work out

Life after graduation can be challenging, but there are ways to manage it.

The thought of having to find a job out of college and make a livable wage can be scary for anyone, but you are more prepared for the life-transition that you might think, according to several graduates from Texas Wesleyan.

“I feel prepared for postgraduate life because I had amazing instructors like Dr. Morris, who taught me how to think about the information I absorbed, and to that, I can use the skills I learned as a Ram,” said David Amaya, Wesleyan alum. 

Amaya states that this time in any graduate’s life can be nerve-wracking because it is the anticipated moment for anyone who has chosen to pursue college studies. After graduation nerves are to be expected, and expectations are high. He believes that if you keep moving forward and challenge yourself, the outcome will be rewarding. 

The challenge for graduates is “where am I going to find a job after I graduate” and “did I just get the degree in the right field”.

“I don’t think it was any more difficult after graduation than it would have been when I was in school,” alumna Chelsea Day said. “You have a much wider range of time to work with compared to when you’re in college, so positions are easier to find.” 

As Day notes, finding a job is possible, it just takes effort on your part. 

“I was not one of those people who has a job lined up right away after graduation, so I spent many months hustling and sending resumes out and going on interviews, which is difficult, and I don’t think enough people talk about how difficult it can be. I eventually found my current job and it’s been a huge blessing,” said alumna Hannah Lathen. 

It seems that there is a lot of professors that preach finding a job and sending in resumes before you graduate, Lathen explained. The problem she sees, though, is that most employers want you to have a college degree at the time of application, which can be frustrating. 

Although this time in life may be scary, steps can be taken to ease the transition. Day and Lathen acknowledge that the best part is that a lot of these tips and tricks can be done while you are still in college so there is no added stress or time.

“One of the best things to do is start making connections. Figure out what field you are going to go into and look for others in that field through conferences, webinars, and places where you can network,” said Lathen. 

Making those connections seems to be the key advice that alumni are sharing across the board because this is what seems to work for others.

“Enjoy your time at school and make sure to make connections, I sometimes wish I’d made more connections with people that I know are going into my field so that you have the opportunity to find your way into what you want to do,” said Day. 

Both alumni agree that embracing change is essential.

“Don’t be discouraged and pick up as many opportunities as you can,” said Amaya. “Your nervous means that you have so much to learn, and with this experience, you will come out so much better.”

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Seniors face challenge in graduating but alumni suggest it will all work out