Texas Wesleyan Holds Stop The Hate, Stop The Violence Panel Event


Texas Wesleyan University held The TXWES UNITED: Stop the Hate, Stop the Violence Panel Event to bring awareness to the rise in violence against Asian-Americans on Wednesday, March 25. 

“As someone who identifies as Asian-American, even being able to attend an event like this – the fact that space was made for some of us to share a little bit of our stories – made me particularly proud to be a member of the TXWES RAMily,” said David Monge, creative services member in the office of marketing and communications.  

The event included moderator Dr. Angela Dampeer as well as panelists Paula Tran, Wei Sun and Erica Zhang. Other guest speakers include Director for Title IX and ADA Compliance Chelsea Sepolio, and Director of Security Chris Beckrich. 

“I am so thankful that these women chose to share their authentic, true and heartfelt stories. Their stories were powerful, truthful and transformative to our campus community. I am so thankful that Texas Wesleyan University now has a platform for those in marginalized communities to voice their truth,” said Dampeer. 

The event was organized by Dampeer and the diversity and inclusion council in response to the shooting that happened during Spring Break in Atlanta, Georgia on March 16. 

Sepolio gave information about the 5 Ds of bystander information, while Beckrich informed the students of the services that security offers them. 

The 5 Ds of bystander information are: 

  • Direct 
  • Delegate 
  • Distract 
  • Delay 
  • Document 

“The most powerful moment for me was hearing from our colleagues about their experiences and the fear and concern they have for their families and vice versa. It was powerful to feel their pain and struggles after there has been so much pain and struggle in our world for the past year,” said Sepolio 

There were 75 attendees, including students, faculty and staff at the event.